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  1. Halifax Shipfaced

    thoughts or experience with inflatable catamaran tender?

    I'm not a fan of inflatable tenders because of the room they occupy on the swim platform when transporting. But, I have to get one for the Bahamas out island trip I'm doing and thinking inflatable catamaran tender type. My thought is to fold it up completely for the long hauls, but only...
  2. Halifax Shipfaced

    Doral SS rub rail end anyone?

    I've lost a stainless rub rail end (or rub strake) as pictured and hoping to find another new or used. This piece is the end of the rub rail found wrapping around Doral swim platforms. It measures 1 3/4" wide x 5" I've looked for another one this wide but no success. I may have to make one but...
  3. Halifax Shipfaced

    WSS Project - Espresso Bar

    Re: WSS Project - Espresso Bar Nice job looks really good. You mentioned lighting and I did this to my last boat and going to repeat it again. I got led strip lights under and over the shelf. And under the counters of the ice maker and fridge. The photo doesn't do justice, as when seen by the...
  4. Halifax Shipfaced

    Installed Wireless music-Apple airport.

    An inexpensive project I did for the boat last night, that's going over real big already. Adding an Apple Airport to the sound system allows anyone to play whats on their phones wirelessly with just entering the password 1x. Very handy as it then allows you to control the music and switch to...
  5. Halifax Shipfaced

    Sold my Doral Intrigue : (

    I recently sold my 2004 Intrigue and sad to see her go. But on a positive note, bought an Intrigue 2008. Good looking boat, few hrs, newer colors and details, and has all the options on it. Most excited about the electric arch for towing as we do allot of it. I have many small bonus projects in...
  6. Halifax Shipfaced

    Doral Electric forward Arch option

    I'm looking for any information on the electric arch option Doral provided to on some models. Motor model, location, even just some pictures (awkward to get at I understand). as I'd love to understand how it works and possibility of installing it on my Arch. Anything appreciated.
  7. Halifax Shipfaced

    Bow rail led courtesy lights

    poster-Williamship was looking for the supplier to Doral who manufactures the bow rail lights. The answer is Suncor Stainless Inc. The product is called a Micro Star led light and they are available in different colors. Nice looking at the dock, better for safety walking up to the bow and, at...
  8. Halifax Shipfaced

    Towing your Wide Load regularly

    I was wondering if anyone else tows their personal wide load boat regularly? By wide load (and / or over length) I mean actually getting the permits, using the amber revolving lights, and dressing up the truck and trailer with the gear.
  9. Halifax Shipfaced

    Opinions / experience with Dux Tenders?

    I'm in the market for a tender and seen these inflatables but their is very little to none spoken on them in the forums. - (search you tube for some crazy stuff). Really what I want is a Pwc on the back of the boat but since it's too heavy to have on the swim-platform of my...
  10. Halifax Shipfaced

    Doral Intrigue 2004 parts manual

    I have an exploded view Parts Manual for Doral Intrigue / 310, I attempted to attach for the benefit of others but i'm guessing i need special rights. If the organizer would like it to post, pls reply.
  11. Halifax Shipfaced

    Charging boat while on the highway.

    I'm planning to tow my boat 2100 miles and use it as a camper on the road for 4 or 5 days. I want to connect the boats charging system to my F25O so we can keep the boat fridges (2 of them) on while in tow. Any suggestions on how big an inverter should I be looking at? Thanks.
  12. Halifax Shipfaced

    2000 mile tow to Florida in Feb.

    I am contemplating a big trip for us this winter. It would be to tow our 33' Doral Intrigue, 2000 miles from Halifax Nova Scotia, to Florida ________? and live aboard for 6 to 8 wks. As I'm researching this all online to see if this is a good idea and what activities my wife and little one will...
  13. Halifax Shipfaced

    1000 islands, Ottawa locks, Lake of 2 mtns

    Friends of mine thinking of boating from Montreal to Ottawa via lake of 2 Mts. thu the locks and wrapping back around thu 1000 islands back to Montreal. Sounds good but this is a big haul for us as we live in Halifax. My question is, how many days would you recommend, is the water clean for...