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    Members Location

    I don't where else to post this? I thought it would be great if all posters would at least add to the profile , there location. Reason : There is no reason for me to reply to an ad, if the poster is too far from me. ETC>
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    Furuno FVC-620 FF ?

    This on a boat I might buy. Can't find info on the net. Help / good unit? Thanks
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    SAFETY "1st For ALL"

    I see quite a few new Boaters on this site. "Please all" take a "USCGAUX" Basic Boating course, You will learn at lot & will be glad you did. You will even be able to "Swear" at the other boaters you see on your outings, and then wish they took the Course. Thanks- Safe- Boating. BTY ,A great...
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    Sea Hunt?

    Opinion on a 186 CC. Will use in the NJ bay & possible LE inlet on a good day. 90 4cyl Yama. Thanks
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    Key West Comments

    I will be looking at a 18' cc New.Please give your opinion! Thanks
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    Mako Opinion?

    I would like inputs on the 184 CC. Thanks
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    Engine comparison ?

    Buying a Laguna 180, What engine? Yamaha 115,or Merc 115? Thanks !!
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    Need Adice Please

    GPS / Sonar Garmin vs. Lowrance? What are your opinions for - $600.00 Thanks
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    GPS/Sonar ?

    What is a "GooD" combo ,for the price Approx. $800. or less. I will use it in the NJ bays & near coastal area at LE bouy area
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    Opinion Please

    Which one to buy Parker 18' cc OR Luguna 1801 CC I will use the boat for New Jersey Bay/Inlet fishing, and short day cruise. Thanks
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    Power pro Knot ?

    What is the best knot to tie PP to mono on the spool back -up ?
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    Clymer Manual

    Sorry solicitation to buy or sell allowed on the forums. But you can post in the iboats Classifieds.
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    1962 Boston Whaler

    I am about to buy an Old Whaler, Boat, Engine ,Trailer.<br />All components need TLC, the Price is right. $ 900.00 for all.<br />It will be a winter project for me.<br />It floats and runs ok.<br />The boat especially needs some minor patching with Marine-Tex, then Paint.<br /><br />I would...
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    Tuna Troll Rigs ??

    First time out to the canyon, what rigs do I use ,and What speed ??
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    Smokin Diesels

    Replaced all filters, had all injectors removed and cleaned, Mechanic stated they were in spec.New fuel, etc. These are 350HP Cummins, with 350 hours, and they smoke especilly when coming out of the hole. Any suggestions?
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    Stabilized Binoculars

    Please post you comments on a GOOD pair of SI Binoculars. I see most are about $800/$1300.So far I narrowed it down to 15x50 by Cannon.
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    1965 Boston Whaler 13'

    Any info on where to get original parts,rub-rails,decals etc. would be appreciated. I am in the process of a restoration. <br />Thanks<br />PS. What do you think the boat is worth?
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    GOOD Diesel Algea control

    Twin engines on a Black-fin,just purchased and want to make sure I add the BEST fuel additives. <br />300 hrs. on the engines.
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    2003 NJ,Fluke,BAD NEWS

    Early reports from the NJ fisheries,State that we "OVERFISHED" our quota in 2001 & 2002. Therefore there is a chance that for 2003 the season will be shorter, and the size will be 17".<br />Time for phone calls and letters to the authorities.<br />I know that my keeper to throwback ratio was...
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    "Best Buffer/Polisher"

    A survey on the "BEST.<br /><br />1.Orbital?<br />2.Non-orbital?<br />3.Best mfr.?<br />4.Cost range?<br />5.RPM?<br /><br />Thanks!!!