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  1. Jdip83

    Trolling motor

    I recently bought. A 18 ft 65' Newport with a Merc 120 Guy had it rigged with a trolling motor Basically a 2x8x18 with a 3 point mount to stern of the boat. Went with him for a ride when I bought it and it worked pretty well. But didn't come with the boat. Will post a picture tomorrow So...
  2. Jdip83

    Engine stalls when you introduce water.

    Looking at a new boat Has a Merc 120 2.5L Motor runs and drive is in good shape Compression is 115 But once you try to run water in the inlet and the motor stalls You look in the carb thru the butterfly and you see water. Have any idea what the problem could be. Boat was last in the...
  3. Jdip83

    Swap from 120 to alpha 1

    While going thru my 120 I have found some issues that I feel I'm wasting my time or maybe just a little time consuming. So I'm wondering what I would need todo to swap out the 120 and put in an alpha 1 because I can get a operational alpha for a decent price. I have a 2.5L that I have gone...
  4. Jdip83

    Hole in lower housing of Merc 120 ????

    I have a 67' Merc 120 I/O I saw this before but wanted to pull it before I asked Just pulled off the drive and this afternoon. That maybe it was a old anode but I don't know now
  5. Jdip83

    Downrigger instal on fiberglass boat

    I have a 67' 17ft Astro comet I would like to install a remove-able downrigger or 2. One on each side or off the stern. The sides where I could mount it are about 6" across There is no support under the fiberglass to support it. What fabrication would I do to put it in I can do the work...
  6. Jdip83

    Merc 120 I/O help

    Hey guys. I have a 1967 17ft Astro with a Mercruiser 120 I/O First off this is my first boat. The Boat has been out of the water since 1991 nor has it ran so now u know what I am up against I the motor does turn over manually starter is being rebuilt. Carb is off and I'm going to do a...
  7. Jdip83

    Switch from I/O to Outboard??

    Hey guys. I recently bought a 1967 17ft Astro Comet with a Merc 120 I/O The haul is in great shape. But the motor and my guess is the drive needs a lot of work hasn't run since 91' It has been on land so that's one good thing sorta it does turn over but only manually needs new starter Carb...
  8. Jdip83

    Soft spot Repair or Whole floor???

    Hey everyone. I recently bought my first boat for a 100$ and it is a 67' Astro Comet with a Merc 120 i/o. Motor needs work same with drive unit. This I know. What I am wondering is.... I have a couple soft spots on the floor. The floor was redone at some point and they put a cheep green...
  9. Jdip83

    Help Old Astro Flite ????

    I am new to the Site but every time I search anything for a boat, every-time it sends me to So I decided to register and ask my questions. I Live in California, I bought a Astro Flite Well I think thats the name on the tag on the stern rail by the motor (very worn). But when I looked...