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  1. ExplorGM

    1984 Wellcraft 34 Express Cruiser For Sale on

    For $15K we will give up a slip. There are no more available on the lake at either marina under 50'. One dock has a 2 year wait!
  2. ExplorGM

    1984 Wellcraft 34 Express Cruiser For Sale on

    Perfect live-aboard if you have a slip on the lake! Open to trade for smaller boat or pair of jet skis.
  3. ExplorGM

    1984 Wellcraft 34 Express Cruiser For Sale on

    We’ve only owned the Wellcraft since August, but we have to sell due to a health issue so we are selling our boats. (Also selling our sailboat...) This boat is fully equipped to live aboard if desired! The boat is in a slip at dock #1 at Pleasant Harbor Marina at Lake Pleasant Marina in Peoria...
  4. ExplorGM

    Saturn Red Hull HB385?

    Does anyone have any experience with this particular model? Red hulled HB385? It was advertised as a 12' but all of the current models that use 385 in the model # are 13'. I measured it out at 12' from bow to the end of the pontoons. Its fully inflatable with an aluminum floor. Curious if it is...
  5. ExplorGM

    Throttle, Shifter and Steering Cable replacements for 1974 Chrysler Conqueror?

    Looking for recommendations as to replacements for the steering cable and possibly the throttle and shifter cables? Motor is Chrysler 4 cyl (130hp?). Boat is 17ft. Current cables work but seem "spongy" and definitely old, possibly original. Plastic casings flaking off... The Boating Magazine...
  6. ExplorGM

    New to Forum/ Chrysler Conqueror 135 Project

    Hi, I am new to the forum so I apologize in advance for any etiquette errors... I have a 1975 Chrysler that I acquired in a trade a couple years ago. Seller listed it as a 130hp model and the engine cover is for a 130. Its been sitting waiting it's turn. (working on a 1972 Aquarius sailboat that...