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  1. Drowned Rat

    40hp Yamaha 1987 model Auto oiler disabling

    Afternoon everyone. I was wondering if someone could help me with this issue. I would like to disable the automatic oiler on this engine and just mix the oil myself. Can anyone give me information on how to go about doing this? Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Drowned Rat

    35 footer hitting BIG water!

    This was last month in the Grand Canyon, the rapid is Hermit Rapid and the flow was about 16,000 cubic feet per second. The boat is 35 feet and loaded down, weighs about 18 tons. 16 people on board. 30hp Honda is all she's got! Great Fun!!!
  3. Drowned Rat

    1987 Yamaha 40hp Spark Issue??

    Morning everyone, I have this older engine that appears to have very few hours on it. It a manual start 40hp 2 stroke short shaft, tiller. Starts right up easily. It seems to have adequate power after first starting, but after it warms up a bit, I think it's dropping cylinders. Power drops...
  4. Drowned Rat

    1956 Blue Star Islander Restoration

    And heeeeere we go!!
  5. Drowned Rat

    Help Choosing Control Box FD-10

    Hi all, Can someone take a look at this >> Johnson Vintage 1950's SHIP Master Outboard Motor Control | eBay And let me know if this will work for my 1956 15hp Johnson? Also can I install a push/pull steering system on this motor or a pulley style? Any suppliers for those items? Thanks...
  6. Drowned Rat

    1956 Johnson 15hp re-painting

    Hi guys, I've got this motor mechanically sound and now I'd like to make it look great too! I could use some advice on the painting process. I'm not looking for a show room finish because I know I don't have the skills for that. I do want it to look as good as possible with the tools that I...
  7. Drowned Rat

    Suzuki 2.5 hp 4-stroke 2006 model

    Hi guys, So, I've got this engine that, to be honest, has never really run well from the day it was purchased new. New out of the box, it would run flawless for an hour, maybe more, maybe less, and then out of nowhere bog down and stall. Usually you could choke it back to life and get some...
  8. Drowned Rat

    FD-10 1956 15hp Johnson potential spark issue

    Hi guys, I've got this motor running, what I haven't looked at yet was the coils until now. My top clyinder seems fire always and pefectly. The bottom cyclinder fires only when it wants to. Is it worth replacing the coils on this motor?? Thanks so much for all your help!
  9. Drowned Rat

    1956 FD-10L Johnson 15hp Fuel Issue

    Good morning iboats family, I picked up one of these beauties yesterday and had a question about the carb bowl. The previous owner said that there was fuel leaking from around the glass bowl, so he went to change the gasket that sits above it, but instead of buying the right one, he made one...
  10. Drowned Rat

    Best New Small Outboard

    Hi all, So, I haven't been in the market for a new outboard for a while. Hoping there is some good advice out there on a small outboards. I'm looking for a small motor, 2 to 3hp. The application will be for a canoe mostly, but also a small inflatable sometimes. I'm looking at the Honda...
  11. Drowned Rat

    Catalina 2013 *UPDATE*

    Getting ready for our second annual Catalina trip! Hope the weather holds up!
  12. Drowned Rat

    Tornado damage visual

    Hi guys, Sorry if this is a repost. Pretty graphic way to visualize the damage.
  13. Drowned Rat

    changing rear wheel bearing question, 1994 Chrysler

    Hi guys, I have a 1994 Chrysler T&C minivan. I'm wanting the change the rear wheel bearings on it. It has drum rear brakes. I got the outer bearing off and the hub off. How do I get the inner bearing dust seal off without destroying it or marring the surfaces? Is there a special tool for...
  14. Drowned Rat

    New EPA Fuel Caps, Portable Tanks

    Hi guys. So what is the deal with these new caps. They don't vent like the old caps used to. There needs to be an excess of either positive or negative pressure before they "pop" and release the pressure apparently. I was driving the boat last week and noticed that my fuel bulb was collapsed...
  15. Drowned Rat

    Long Beach to Catalina

    So I took my inflatable to Catalina this week, great trip. First time seeing this area. The trip over turned pretty nasty but not unsafe. Swells were about 4 to 6 feet with a 20 knot wind. Whitecaps, but nothing breaking over the boat. The trip back was very nice, overcast, gentle swells...
  16. Drowned Rat

    Any other AZ boaters on the lake on the 4th?

    Wow, what a great day here in Arizona for boating! I can't remember better Summer conditions than we had yesterday. Completely overcast all day, but no rain to speak of. 80* air temp, 90* water temp. Spent the whole day at Bartlett with the fam towing a tube all over the lake. Actually took...
  17. Drowned Rat

    Diagnosis please, fuel system, Mercruiser

    Hi all, So, went to the lake today and engine cranks, but will not fire. Doesn't even try. I know the fuel is good. Last year I had this happen, so I changed out the fuel water separator and after about 5 minutes of cranking, it started back up. So, I tried that this year, when I took the...
  18. Drowned Rat

    A604 Tranny Help!

    Hello iboats friends, So, I've got this old Chrysler Town and Country with the A604 in it. Over the course of several months, it started slipping enough to put it in limp mode more and more often. I decided to try changing the fluid to ATF+4 and change out the solenoid pack which I've read...
  19. Drowned Rat

    Long Beach to Catalina in a 14' inflatable

    Hi all! Anyone ever take a small boat, particularly an inflatable, to Catalina? Looking for what you learned on the trip if anything, things to watch out for, that kind of thing. I've got all the safety gear, two GPS's, marine radio, SAT phone (though I'm sure cell phones work for most of the...
  20. Drowned Rat

    Suzuki 2.5 hp propeller

    Hi all, can anyone provide a source for new props for the 2.5 hp 4 strokes? I've searched a dozen places including on here and there seem to be none available. About half the sites don't show the 2.5. Thanks so much!