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  1. J

    mc-1 trim problem

    Pulled boat out to get ready for the season yesterday. stored inside over the winter with outdrive down. Now I can raise my outdrive but cannot lower it without extra weight on it and even then its very slow down. If I raise it and leave it up it will settle down within a couple hours. Bled...
  2. J

    what does your Aristocraft run?

    Just curious what everyone else is getting out of their old Aristocrafts. Today was the first time I was able to go WOT, but I was pretty heavy today, 2 adults, 2 kids, a full cooler, alot of fishing gear, and a full tank of fuel. Here's what I got out of "The Old Man": 76 Nineteen, 120...
  3. J

    mystery oil

    Was thinking about going out for the third trip this weekend. Changed from my 19P prop to my 17P, when I got the 19 off there was a small amount of oil behind the prop, not even an ounce. Changed impellor and out drive oil before the season. Checked outdrive oil today and it's still full. The...
  4. J

    hood latch

    A few months back I bought a 76 nineteen. My engine hood has a latch on the back and a hook about 1/4 down on the inside on the front. Can anyone tell me what the front is supposed to hook to? I think I'm missing a part on the front of the engine, right now I have to use a tarp strap to hold it down
  5. J

    mc-1 (pre-alpha) trim sender

    Have a 1976 Mercruiser 120 with a Mercruiser one outdrive. Have been working on electrical issues the last 2 months and am happy to say I'm down to the last one. I am trying to get the trim gauge to work properly. I have searched this site and online for how to test or adjust the sending unit...
  6. J

    new carpet or something else?

    Have an aristocraft nineteen. Going to have to replace the wood soon. The only wood is what covers the ski locker, about 12" wide and 12' long. At the same time I will pull up the rest of the carpet that is just glued to fiberglass. I am wondering if anyone has any experience using a roll on...
  7. J

    what prop on aristocraft 19

    Just bought a 1976 aristocraft nineteen for next to nothing because it wasn't running. It has a Mercruiser 120, got it running and have been working on fixing little things all over the boat now. We did take it out once on Lake Erie a couple weeks ago and it ran good. It currently has a 15 1/2"...
  8. J

    Lake Erie in the morning

    Planning on heading up to lake Erie in the morning, taking my grandfather and my father in law out on my new boat. Will be launching out of Lorain and heading west, anyone know where to find fish right now between Vermillion and Avon?
  9. J

    what to do with for scratched windshield

    Recently bought a 1976 Aristocraft nineteen. Paid next to nothing for it because it WASN'T running, I'm a mechanic by trade so engine work isn't a problem, it's running now and hopefully going to put it in the water Sunday. My problem is the windshield is covered in light scratches. Most of the...