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    no spark on left bank of 1993 175 mercury e.f.i.

    Any kind of help would be great already made sure fuel system was o.k. which it is saw top voltage regulator that is mounted behind the metal plate that the ignition coils mount to looks burnt where you can see the underside where they put the protective silicone on the regulator you can see...
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    1993 mercury efi 175 bogs down

    Hello all yes just bought this 93astro with a mercury 175efi my son and I were cruising at wide open throttle with no problems at all and had been running the boat awhile when all of a sudden it was as if someone flicked a switch and went from cruising wideopen to about 15 miles an hour and...
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    cant find livewell switch on my 1993 astro just bought

    Need help trying to locate switch for livewells on a 93 astro 18 foot fish and ski all that I see is the aerator and bilge pump switches any help on this is greatly appreciated
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    livewell question on my 93 astro boat

    Hello all I just purchased a 1993good astro 18 foot fish and ski I am wondering if anyone knows where the switch is to turn on the livewells all that I see on the console is just switches for aerator and bilge pumps but do not see just a switch labeled livewell it has 2 livewells in the rear of...