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    Poppet Valve 1985 Mercury Blackmax 150 V6

    Hi, I am in need of a poppet valve for a 1985 Mercury Blackmax 150 V6 I cant seem to find it on Iboats...came someone help me please..Email me at for quicker responce Thanks So much!
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    Adding Temp sensor& gauge to 1995 Mariner 150

    Hi, I am wanting to take the trim gauge out of my cluster and add a temp gauge on a 1995 ZX150 with a 150 Mariner motor...What all is needed to do this job and where should the temp sensor be placed on the motor? Has anyone done this before if so can you maybe give me some advice please? thanks...
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    1995 ZX150 Bildge Pump and livewell pump problem

    Hi, I just got this 1995 ZX150 a few weeks ago....The bildge pump and Right live well pump is not working....I checked all fuses under the dash and 2 were blowen so I replaced them still they are not working... The areatitor works fine in both livewells and livewell pump on the left side works...
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    Serial number....

    Serial Number 06146717 im needing to find the part number for a waterpump kit...can someone help me out please thanks!
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    What do you think?

    What do you think? How do you like the 150ZX boat? does anyone own one like this? whats the props and cons about it? I Just got approved for a loan to get my friend 1995 150ZX Skeeter boat with a 150 Mariner is in AWSOME shape...Elderly owned... Got a dang good deal on...
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    2009 Evinrude Etec 150

    Hi all, My mom has a 2009 Evinrude Etec 150 on her boat and somehow the piece where it pee's out the back of the motor and points where the water is going to flow came unscrewed and fell its just a open hole and flows straight out... does anyone happen to know where I can find one of...
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    Rethinking Prop Size after Rebuild

    Hi, I am in the process of getting my 1985 Mercury Blackmax 150 Rebuilt...For some reason a piston melted in one of the cyclinders...We have looked and looked and looked and have yet to see to find out why it blew up...So we are thinking I have been Lugging the motor with this 23P 3 Blade prop...
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    Warning Buzzer

    I have a question...I know there is a warning buzzer for the oil sensor i beleive correct me if i am wrong... but does that also work for when the engine runs hot? or you have to add that your self? My engine had the oil injection deleted so I mix my oil with my gas so I dont have to worry...
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    Anyone running the Golights on their boats?

    Is anyone running the Golights on the front of their boats with the running lights? If so what is your review of them? how do you like them? I have a few questions... Can you operate the spot light and running lights seprate from each other? Can you operate the running lights and spot light...
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    What the difference

    What is the difference between a right hand turn prop and a left hand turn prop? I have always wondered this and now I am asking lol
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    Motorguide Props

    Right now I am currently running a beat up (tips broke off) Machete 3 blade prop on my motorguide trolling motor it was like that when I got the boat...I think it is time for me to replace it...So I am trying to decide should I get a new Machete 3 or try another blade? What blade are ya'll...
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    Need help finding a list of parts on Iboats

    I have one pistion that melted in 1 cyclinder in my 1985 mercury blackmax 150 due to lack of lubercation ( carb clogged up) I am going to be getting a list of parts i will need to repair everything in the next few days or so I will need everyones help with trying to find these parts...I dont...
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    1985 Blackmax took a poop :(

    Well I was out fishing the other day and it start pouring down rain like it has been the last few days straight in central Florida...I started heading to the boat ramp got almost there and I started loseing power...Slowed all the way down at the ramp it shut off couldnt start it back up ...So I...
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    Iboats Blackmax 150 Stator

    Hi, Can someone PLEASE help me with a link to the Stator I will need to order on Iboats for my mercury blackmax 150 Serial number 6635951... 1985 it says?
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    85 Blackmax 150 Spark problem

    Lost spark on 4 cyclinders on 1985 Mercury Blackmax 150... 3 are down on one side and middle one on other side is down ...what would cause that problem?
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    1985 Blackmax Rev Limiter

    Hi, I am trying to find the orginal part number or Direct link for the Rev limiter for my 1985 Blackmax 150 the Serial number is 6635951...Thanks alot...
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    Running XD100 in my 1985 Blackmax 150

    Hi, I have been running the regular oil from walmart in my 1985 Blackmax 150 Serial #6635951 mixing 16oz for 6 Gallons...But this past weekend my Step dad gave me a gave of XD100 So I tried it out...I took the boat out yesterday drove the boat for like 45mins no problems... took the boat out...
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    Best prop for my 1985 Blackmax 150

    Currently I am running a stainless steel 25 pitch 3 blade does fine...but i am looking to gain some speed and maybe better hole shot also... what would you recommend? The boat is a 1986 V371 Ranger 18ft I beleive...I just looked at my reciept from the boat shop when i had my lower...
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    Best place and cheapest place to order new starter and selenoid??

    What is the best place and cheapest place to order a new starter and selenoid for my mercury blackmax 150 online? please help Thanks!
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    What year is my motor?

    Hi, I am new to the fourms...I am trying to find out what year my motor is so i can order a new starter and selinoid for is the serial number...IS6635951 Thanks alot