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    Bow plowing at high speed.

    I looked for references to the question I am about to ask and did not see the subject raised. But... how does it behave when turning at speed, say 30+ ? Does it plow? or does it lean into the turn appropriately?
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    18 foot fibreglass bow rider minimum engine size?

    Not easy to see in that pic, but...Might need a different trailer.
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    4.3MPI surges badly above 2600 rpm

    Spendy Pretty. Dealer fixed it and bought it from me, sad/glad to see it go.
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    4.3MPI surges badly above 2600 rpm

    This ended up being the High Pressure Fuel Pump. Dealer fixed it, $870 parts and $200 labor.
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    4.3MPI surges badly above 2600 rpm

    Hey everybody, 2002 Mercruiser 4.3MPI sn/0M325971 260 hours In a 2002 Brant 188 18 foot bowrider. Recent history: In early July this year Started and ran good first run of the season. Could hit top RPM and was smooth operating at any rpm. Ran it for 40 minutes, was low on fuel so ended...
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    Just bought a new boat, what should I know?

    harringtondav 71beepbeep You guys sharing a boat? Come clean now...:laugh: ​​​​​​​
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    Exhaust Bellows internal flappers

    The older white models (270/80/90,DPA) do not have thru-hub exhaust. The exhaust routed thru the anti-cav plate. Some models had a flapper at the end of that, some had it in the exhaust bellows that runs from the transom to the outdrive. My 1991 570/DP had a flat wide and hollow anti-cav...
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    2001 4.3MPI Single Drain -- Checking Block Scaling

    So, drained the ol' single point today using Merc procedure. I had been reading up on this system here, and had got spooked a bit about the block draining fully. So, following recommendations here, I removed the block drain hose connections, no water came out. I used a long allen head wrench...
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    1990 alpha one 3.0 has no spark. What to check

    ...At the bottom front corner...
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    Removing or Living With Single Point Merc Draining

    I have a 4.3 with the single point draining, the one with the Blue Knob at front port quadrant of the engine. Also a blue plug to remove on the thermo housing/intake mani. A pic is below, sorry for the bad angle. I used it last year, temperature here got down to mid teens a couple of times, no...
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    Need advice on more aggressive prop for my situation

    I got the High5 Monday and put it on, waiting for a chance to go out when it is not too hot or windy. Also thinking I may need a proplock for this shiny thing...
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    Your End All/Bucket List Boat?

    Scimitar. Carlson Scimitar.
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    Need advice on more aggressive prop for my situation

    On my boat the 21p basic aluminum will not hold when cornering or even going straight in rough water, or at trim much over 1/4 on the gauge. I know now it is the wrong prop after some research on this size and brand of boat (the one in my sig). I can even get it to blow out on a holeshot if I...
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    Which hub kit do I need?

    Here is an example of what you get with the hub kit, the longer brass part is what mates the drive splines to the hub.
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    Adding a center mounted transom ski/tow eye

    If you have the room with some coaming around the top of the stern, one of these little doobies is pretty cool. The boat I put it on was perfect for it. Has to be on a horizontal surface. They are available on eBay right now. Look around though, price varies, where I got mine still has them at...
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    Smart tabs on a 182 Bryant???? Anyone???

    With the extended planing surface it should not need tabs. As for planing, Bryant hulls have a long running surface. I had to get used to that, it does not pop up on plane like some boats do, Not like climbing over a hump, more like walking up a ramp by way of comparison. There is more boat in...
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    Can’t get reverse after lower unit installed

    I had a problem with the shifting cable end (long rectangular block) that stays in the gimble housing being a little crooked, and the shift shaft linkage roller would want to not engage properly as the drive went on. I had to stop when almost in all the way and move the shift shaft roller to...
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    1986 bayliner capri aq131a raw water issue, vent tube issue, and outdirve issue

    The AQ131a, being closed cooled due to aluminum castings in use, is specced from Volvo Penta for a 197 degree thermostat, so your temps seem in range.
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    23 pitch prop?

    I would believe the 1.6 paperwork... :)
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    Total noob here. Want to know about bayliner 160 bowrider.

    mwang I suggest you look around at storage yards close by with covered stalls, doesn't have to be fully enclosed. Polebarn style where you have no real boundary between you and a neighbor, but still out of the sun and most of the snow and rain. And your boat can be bigger, not limited to home...