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    Live well hatch, where can I get....

    ... a live well hatch for a 1984 Tyee 5.3 13.5 x 29.75 [ish]
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    Who's got a 1984 Tyee 5.3 / 115 Merc 2 cy auto inject

    Just got this critter for a great price with many trimmings, Humminbird, pfd's, Minkota, Shore Lander bunk, covers, four ped's and a bow ped. So far so good.... whos got tips 'n tricks?
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    Two questions - Live well uptake / no drain plug?

    Just got a 1984, Tyee 5.3 with a 115 Merc. Question - How does the below work? 1. Bottom of transom are two ports, one [from outside] looks like a blocked ping pong ball, inside there really isn't a hole in the device that I can see? 2. Next to above is a screened [on outside] port, assuming...