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    Tohatsu motor....sunk...pickled...good opportunity or run away?

    I've been offered a free hole-in-the-water that I want to try to not pour too much money into. It's an '86 14' Mckee with an '86 55hp Evinrude attached to it. I've been told third hand that the motor just need a carb rebuild and maybe that's even true but I'm assuming I'll be putting a...
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    55hp Evinrude - What year?

    New to boats here but I think I'm soon to own this one. Is it possible to get the year of this motor from these pics? I won't get back to the boat for better pics for a week or more. Sorry the pics aren't better. I wasn't thinking of dating the motor when I took them.
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    New here with a free 14ft? boat

    I found this forum searching for info for Mckee Craft. I have been offered a free Mckee Craft that looks to be a 14 or 15ft boat with ok trailer and maybe ok motor. I know it sounds like I'd be crazy not to take it but I'm wondering how much work/$$$ are likely to be involved in it all...