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    Water pump repair kit for Mercruiser alpha one

    I have a 2004 montery 218LS with the 5.0 EFI Mercruiser and the Alpha One drive. Drive ratio is 1:62 and the serial number of the drive is 0M494742. What would be the water pump repair kit for this drive? I'd like to replace the impeller and while I have it open do the other seals.
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    2004 Mercruiser 5.0 EFI oil weight, fuel filter, thermostat

    Looking for part numbers for fuel filter and thermostat for a 2004 Mercruiser 5.0 EFI for a Monterey 218ls. Also what oil weight?
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    Boat trailer winch roller

    I can't lower the roller or it will hit the drain for my anchor locker.
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    Boat trailer winch roller

    I got a new galvanized trailer for my 21 foot monterey bow rider and I absolutely love the trailer, except the winch roller. When I try to float the boat on I have to have the trailer way out of the water otherwise the top roller will go over top of the bow and the nose of the boat will get...
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    2004 Monterey 214 stock prop

    Anyone know what the stock prop for the Monterey 214 with the 5.0 Mercury mpi alpha one should be in 2004? My WOT is higher than manual and trying to see if dealership had wrong prop on the boat
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    2004 5.0 Mercruiser 5.0 MPI WOT - (2004 Monterey 214 Montura)

    Hello everyone, What is the correct WOT for a 2004 5.0 Mercruiser 5.0 MPI WOT in a 2004 Monterey 214 Montura? I'm seeing a WOT of 5200-5300 and wondering if that is too high? Top speed is only like 45 MPH which surprises me, I would have expected that boat to be a little quicker.
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    Idles great, dies when throttle is advanced - 94 Four winns 180 ford 5.0 carb

    Hello everyone, Took my 94 Four Winns 180 out for a spin today. Boat had an almost full tank of ethanol free gas in it when put away. We added stabilizer to the tank for the size of the tank in the fall. Boat fired right up in the driveway. Boat ran great for an hour, burned about a 1/4 tank...
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    New boat for family, tubing, wakeboarding, sandbars sea doo wake 230?

    Good afternoon everyone, we currently have a 95 four winns horizon 180 that I put a wakeboard tower on. My daughter likes to wakeboard, my son would like to. We have been looking at inboards that can haul 10-12 people for the lazy days on the lake... that said, not tons in our budget. (Less...
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    Installing Boat Heater

    I would like to install a boat heater on my I/O. My wife and kids would love it during these cooler boating months. Where would I pull the source and return lines? I have a 1994 ford 5.0 (four winns). Coolant flow diagram is attached. Thanks for any help!
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    Water temp sender

    Everyone, I’ve searched but I’m unable to locate a water temp sender. I have a 1994 four winns horizon 180 with the 5.0 302 omc. does anyone know the correct sender? I thought iboats had a parts finder but i can’t find that either. thanks
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    Thoughts on Polk wakeboard speakers?

    Anyone have any thoughts on the Polk UMHCX69B I was going to build some speaker pods but these would be cheaper than the parts cost. Primary usage: Wakeboarding/tubing, floating, sandbars
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    Help me understand ACR

    Good morning everyone, I have a Four Winns I/O which came with a marine starting battery. I had a one year old deep cycle battery so I added a second battery with an isolator switch that allows to run off of battery 1, 2 or combined. When we go out for the day I turn the battery selector...
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    Affordable folding wakeboard tower

    everyone, I have a 1994 four winns horizon 180. It pulls awesome but we want a tower in it. I only paid $5500 for the boat so looking for an affordable tower ...I know oxymoron.. Would be a plus if the bimini would still fit
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    Marine receiver replacement suggestions

    Good morning, I have a 25 year old tape deck in my Four Winns. I have some amazon gift cards and would like to replace it with a digital receiver. I'd like bluetooth and the ability to add an external remote. I will also be adding a small amp and replacing the speakers as budgets allow. Any...
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    New Prop - OMC outdrive

    Everyone, I have a 1994 Four Winns Horizon 180 with the OMC/Ford 5.0 FL HO 302 carb motor. I have an OMC outdrive. I currently have a 14 1/4 x 21 3 blade prop on it that needs to be replaced. Should I consider a 4 blade? Primary usage is on a large lake (15 miles long), we spend our time...
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    Ignition wires replacement

    I have a new to me 1994 Four Winns Horizon 180 with the OMC 5.0 HO carb motor. It is a ford 302. Looking for an ignition wire set to replace the old wires that are there now. I'm looking online but unsure which wire set is the correct one for this motor. Thanks for any help!
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    No power, barely will plane

    I have a 1994 OMC 5.0 carb motor. It will start and run's okay in neutral on muffs. It's hard to tell because the motor isn't under a load. It starts right up. When I put it in the water and take off it has very low power. It won't rev up above 3000rpm. 2800 RPM is about WOT. It will barely...
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    1994 OMC 5.0 Carb No spark

    Good morning everyone, I have a 1994 Four Winns Horizon 180. I had it running about a week ago for the first time this year (kids sports delay the season for us). Put it in the water yesterday and wouldn't start. Would turn over but wouldn't start. Took the cover off, definitely has gas...