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    Volvo Penta exhaust riser

    And then a version plumbed to the steering cooler (mechanical or power). Good luck, interested as to which is most correct for your application/swap.
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    Volvo Penta exhaust riser

    To add to the puzzle, it appears Volvo was making some various configurations for the 3.0 during the 90s. Here is the color cooling diagram, shows a version of the hose from the riser but this time to the exhaust itself.
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    Volvo Penta exhaust riser

    Page 463 of the Volvo Penta service manual shows the 98 model of the 3.0 has a hose to the riser from the thermostat block.
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    3 trips out 2 ignition modules went bad

    Amazon specials, or ACDelco? I don't think the aftermarket units are sufficiently hardened for marine environments, nor do they necessarily have the correct timing curves. my 2 cents.
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    What engine in new boat

    I am inquiring out of ignorance, is that a marine carburetor, it may be the direction of the pic, but I don't see the bowl vent?
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    Trailering boat with outdrive struck down?

    I thought there is a manual release screw in the pump housing - for just such a scenario. Granted you have to manually lift the sterndrive and support it with rope, but the hydraulics have a bypass. at 10:53.
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    Lumpy idle after carb rebuild | Holley 2300 | Volvo Penta 3.0 GS

    I swear I hear a vacuum leak. Idle needle jet gaskets good?
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    Volvo Penta 3.0GS Restrictor Plate position on Riser

    I am pasting the color cooling system diagram, which in my humble opinion confirms the direction of the slot. Because I was also really confused and just trying to put the darn manifold back together.
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    Volvo Penta 3.0GS Restrictor Plate position on Riser

    I also struggled with this issue. The OMC manual, who makes the engine had diagrams suggesting the slot went port side. However, the Volvo manual stated clearly to install the slot toward the engine and also specifically said in bold to disregard any markings on the restrictor plate. I went with...
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    Video: What The Heck is This?? - 1999 VOLVO 4.3 GL - 2 bbl Holley Carbureted, ETS ignition

    Update: The “HYSTER IGNITION IGNITER MODULE 1460387” which has “GM 399 4L01” seems to work perfectly, it has base mode, and the curve is correct. It appears to me to be legit GM OEM part in case anyone is searching. Front side: GM 399 4L01 466 Backside: 399 6D50-02 SINGAPORE Reference...
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    Video: What The Heck is This?? - 1999 VOLVO 4.3 GL - 2 bbl Holley Carbureted, ETS ignition

    I chatted with tech support [SWPERFORMANCEPARTS] and they seemed sympathetic, but my guess is they possibly got a mismatched set of modules from their supplier, MOBILETRON. Mobiletron appears to make good stuff, and I may be mistaken, but according to page 157 of their catalog D1965 is the...
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    Video: What The Heck is This?? - 1999 VOLVO 4.3 GL - 2 bbl Holley Carbureted, ETS ignition

    1, agreed with the stuck flapper hypothesis in the exhaust for that motor (if equipped). 2nd, are you sure you got the correct marine grade ignition module? I say that not to be snooty on auto versus marine parts, but the auto version of that EST ignition module does not have the correct timing...
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    Exhaust pieces and parts

    Specs from Four Winns says 40mph with my configuration, I have never seen more than 33, gps confirmed. Interesting.
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    Exhaust pieces and parts

    I thought I fished out all pieces of the rotted flapper, but now wondering if there may still be an obstruction...I only get mid 30s top speed at full throttle from my 3.0. (17' fourwinns with 21 pitch prop) but now wondering if maybe my tach is off and not actually full throttle due to...
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    Exhaust pieces and parts

    "One flapper came loose and partially blocked the exhaust in the transom area. This caused a significant power loss, and a loss of 12-15 mph top speed." question, did you have a loss in RPM too, or just power and top speed?
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    Walmart Super Tech RV and Marine Antifreeze - ethyl alcohol NOT propylene glycol With all of us experiencing the heavy cold snap, I noticed the product had turned to a "slushy" consistency at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. From the reviews it seems they changed the recipe in recent years: was propylene...
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    Volvo Penta 3.0 - Fuel lag and shakes

    Could it be as simple as the electric choke mechanism malfunctioning?
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    Volvo Penta Drive Belt - Lots of dust and quickly wearing??

    Saw that too, the belt is a smidge too long, the tensioner pulley is therefore not angled correctly and causing the slapping and also that rubbing.
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    Exhaust Riser Sensors?

    Do these go to an alarm, or a gauge? I have the same Barco replacement elbow and noticed that capped off port, was thinking maybe install an alarm if so?
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    Shocking experience

    Could it be shore power coming through the water, as if bad wiring from a dock outlet or light? I am no expert, but it is rare IMO to "feel" DC.