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    Draining fish box on BX21

    Brand new boat, used fish box only a few times. Can't get it to drain, even when the boat is on the trailer and the bow jacked up high. I have to scoop the water out & soak the rest up with a sponge every time. Anybody else with this boat experiencing the same?
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    Iki Jime method

    This is a method of quickly killing fish (your catch) to keep the meat fresher longer, and prevent the flesh from becoming mushy. Some say it's also the best way to "humanely kill" the fish. Does anyone on this forum know about this, and if so have you tried it? It would make sense if you're a...
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    Removing Hull scratches

    Hi guys! I am new to this boating forum. I have a couple of scratches from docking trauma. :eek: They are not surface scratches, because I can feel them - but not really deep. What are some good products to use on my brand new, first boat? I've been told I need to sand them out using water...