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    Moving one fish finder between the bow and console?

    I am buying a garmin 73sv Cartplotter/sonar. I am thinking of buying an extra quick release cradle for the bow and transducer to mount on the trolling motor, then I can just move the unit between the two cradles instead of forking out for a separate unit. Has anyone done this and does it work ok?
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    Added some music today.

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    Early 2000 tracker deep v live well question

    I think I have the fill, aeration and recirculation figured out. I know I have the manual drain plugs in both the live well and bait tank, but I am thinking there must be a pump out feature for the live well but I can't figure it out. In the pictures I attached there is a screen covered pipe in...
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    Boat lighting

    Going to add some deck / accent lighting on my 16' tracker deep v. I would like to see pictures of what some of you have done.
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    Locking gas cap?

    Does anyone make a locking gas cap for the early 2000 model aluminium tracker boats. My tank was almost full a couple of days ago, not anymore :mad:.
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    2002 tracker Deep v16 - Do you know what this is?

    I see there is a tank under the floor, the previous owner did not know it was there and had no idea what is was for. I assume it may have something to do with the live well system. The live well is in the front of the boat and the bait tank is in the back. I attached a picture.
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    Aluminium boat floor plywood options?

    I know this has probably been beat to death but when I did a search it gave me posts that were at least 3 years old and older. This winter I am going to replace the wood in cockpit floor area of a 2002 tracker deep v. I plan on coating with epoxy resin and will cover with marine vinyl, what are...
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    New guy.

    Hello all I actually have been a member for a few years but I just bought my first boat. It is just a 2003 tracker Deep v16 with a 60hp. Took it out for a couple of runs now, it is in great shape, so far it does not leak at all and everything works on the boat. I definitely have some questions I...
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    Mercury 60 HP free online free manual?

    Anyone know where I could get a free manual for a 2003 ? Thanks
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    1996 Regal 176 Valanti stringer question

    Are the stringers in this boat wrapped in glass? I wasn't sure seeing it is a 15 year old boat. Thinking of buying one, what are your thoughts on this boat? Thanks
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    Looking at a 95 asto FSX

    I might buy this boat boat, but I am a newbie. Looks like it has been well taken care of, what should I look for and how can I tell if the floor and stringers are sound. Is the floor in this boat glass or plywood? Thanks