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    Inverter inquiry

    We are going to install a 2000 watt inverter in a 1989 Prestancia. I understand the cables have to be as short as possible and large enough to handle the current. Thinking of installing it beside the hot water heater with the battery bank on the other side (and other side of the boat). Any...
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    Portable air conditioner

    Howdy fellow boaters. We recently bought a 8000 BTU LG portable unit for our 1989 Prestancia. Looking for any tips to create a temporary as in removable mount for the exhaust of the unit through one of the side vent windows. Any one had any luck?
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    1989 Doral Prestancia

    Re: 1989 Doral Prestancia Wanted to give you all an update on how we are making out. We have done a lot of work bringing this boat back to near new condition with some very good upgrades that don't alter her too much. We changed the aluminum waste tank for a new plastic tank (that was...
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    1989 Doral Prestancia aft cabin access hold

    Re: 1989 Doral Prestancia aft cabin access hold Wanted to let you know how we solved the problem in the end. Our boat had a new water heater and water pump installed. These both altered the space requirements therefore the original carpet covered plywood could not be used to protect the...
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    Replace Holding Tank in 1989 Prestancia

    Re: Replace Holding Tank in 1989 Prestancia Well fellow Doral owners. We just completed the replacement of our waste holding tank. We removed the silicon around the base of the seat; made 3 cuts to just remove the front of the seat so we could slide the old tank out. Worked like a charm and...
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    bad smell from waste tank

    Re: bad smell from waste tank Good morning fellow boaters. We had a similar issue and after much cleaning of bilge areas etc. discovered that the waste tank is corroded and leaking. We looked up how to remove same and decided to just cut the fiberglass to remove the tank. Worked great to get...
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    Doral Prestancia 300 1989 ~ Bilge Areas Question

    Good morning fellow boaters. We are almost at the end of our endeavour to restore this beauty. We have spent the last couple of weekends opening as many accesses as we can to clean out the bilge areas. The winter thaw and warming of spring is bringing out some lovely aromas. During the...
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    Looking for a Scentry 410 Gas Vapour Detector

    Hello fellow boaters. We are looking to replace our unit. The controls on ours no longer work although the unit itself does if you cross over the connections and force it on. As you all know, new models will not fit the old profile on our 1989 Prestancia and replacing cables etc. could damage...
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    iPhones and Navionics Charts

    We are up on Ontario Canada and looking into the iNAVX application for the iPad. Just curious which version on iPad supports the GPS features best. Any thoughts???
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    1989 Doral Prestancia aft cabin access hold

    Good afternoon fellow boaters. We recently bought a 1989 Prestancia. It is largely in original condition. We are tweaking it here and there to refresh it but ran into a problem in the aft cabin. Not sure how the access panel should look. We have it open with another piece of carpeted...
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    1989 Doral Prestancia

    We just became the proud owners of a new to us 89 Prestancia. It is in original condition and has been very well cared for. We have begun bringing back the old girl by replacing lights etc. and are wondering where to source some of the funky hardware pieces. In particular, looking for the...
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    We want to see your boat!

    Re: We want to see your boat! Our new to us...1989 Doral Prestancia.