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    '89 Tohatsu 15- missing a cylinder

    All right... I've got a sweet tohatsu 15 that's having problems running in the mid speed range. it starts very easily and idles well. at top speed it really pushes my 14' skiff hard. the issue is the high idle to mid speed range. I was given this motor a number of years ago. I have used...
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    6 HP johnson FULL resto. Help appreciated

    I've got a friend who has asked me to restore his late '60s johnson 6. I do have many hours experience with different motors, including my '58 7.5 sweetheart. Long story short, my friend entrusted the 6 to his cousin who promptly submerged the poor motor one day, then left it sitting in the...
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    What motor is this? (Pic)

    I've been looking at a boat I like ('79 Slickcraft SS 235) In the description, it says "powered by 245 OMC V8 with 1,038 Hrs." Looks like a GM 305 to me, but you guys'd know better. the outdrive is missing. Would it be difficult to fit a new engine (305 or 350) with a Mercruiser outdrive in...
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    305, 350, and 454 Efficiency estimates (?)

    I'm new to I/O engines, but have a lot of boating/boat rebuilding experience. Obviously, every hull design is different when it comes to efficiency. However, I'm trying to get a rough idea of how much fuel these three engines use when at a nice cruising speed. I also realize that different...