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    It's nice to be back!

    Hello all, it's been quite some time since I visited here. I see we have many new members, which doesn't surprise me, being that this is by far the best boating and fishing forum on the net. I see there's an Iboats meeting planned for Sept. Look's like Lake of the Ozarks? I'll have to read...
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    Ahoy COMBEE!

    I noticed your from Sanibel island. What a beautiful place. I frequently visit Ft. Meyer's, just across the causway from you. I will be going down towards the end of Feb., really looking forward to it. Do some fishing, some partying, some beach bumming, and maybe some more fishing. Maybe we...
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    USCG doing checks

    I was at a local lake this past weekend to do some fishing and to my surprise, there was a US Coast Guard at the dock doing safety inspections. I passed with flying colors and sat talking with the guy. He said that today alone there was about a 50/50 pass fail scenario. It's great to see...
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    Just when I got back and caught up!

    Well folk's, after my trip to Minn. I fell behind and had alot of interesting reading to catch up on from this forum. All good stuff which doesn't surprise me, except a select few that I won't mention. Anyway's, I'm going down by JB's neck of the woods(Laredo, TX) and will be down there on...
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    Mercruiser de-carb (mag 350)

    I just picked up a can of engine tuner that I was planning on using, not for any particular reason of poor running or anything like that. I figured it couldn't hurt and might make some improvements. My question is, I will be going out of town on a week long fishing trip. I was going to use...
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    American Poolplayer's Assoc.

    Was wondering if anybody else on this board play's pool on the A.P.A. I have not been on the water in almost a month because of pool. I spent the whole weekend playing in a Challange of Champions tournmanet which included 130 teams out of around 800. My team was fortunate enough to qualify...
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    Calibrating a tachometer

    I believe my tach needs to be re-calibrated. Can I do this myself? What is needed and how do I go about it. Thanks for any assistance.
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    Drop in RPM's

    My 5.7L mercruiser is not getting up to the RPM range that it was. I recently installed an on-board battery charger. Is it possible that I knocked a wire loose and am only running on 7 cylinder's? I know it's propped right. What else should I check. The engine is not whining or anything...
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    Opinions from Nitro Owner's

    I just wanted to check with others on this site, because I know there are some Nitro owner's out there. I would like to get rid of a bad taste in my mouth from this builder / dealer. I'm not ripping on their boats or anything, I just had a bad experience and was wondering if anybody had the...
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    Operating temp for a mercruiser

    I have a 5.7 L mercruiser and was just wondering what the engine temperature should be when at idle, or underload.
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    Lowrance x-70a possible problem?

    I got this unit with the Ranger I bought used last year. So far it has worked fine until my last outing. First it froze up on me and then when I turned it off and back on, it would read accurately for about a minute and then just go crazy. By crazy I mean the depth would just keep going...
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    12v / 24v system

    I have a motorguide 12v/24v trolling motor, the switch on the foot pedal has 12v, off, 24v. I'm illiterate when it comes to electrical. First of all, when the switch is turned to 12v is it only using one battery and if so which one? Secondly, the boat plug for the trolling motor is one of the...
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    What's Your Deep Cycle preference?

    I've done a search on batteries and didn't find to many brands mentioned, just battery maintanence. I'm going to replace my deep cycle's this weekend and was wondering what brands you guy's preffered. I have diehards in now and they DIED-HARD, this is their 3rd season. My neighbor works for...
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    What's Your Weirdest Catch?

    Crabbait and I were discussing this new thread to draw up some interesting stories. Since I do not YET have a good "Biggest Fish ever Caught" story, I thought this would safice. <br />My first trip out this season on the river, my buddies hammered them and all I was able to land was a...
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    Dumb ? on a Mercruiser

    Bear with me here, I'm getting more familar with my I/O. I have an open cooling system, so my question is; do I have a water pump and an impellar? Water pump for engine and impellar for the outdrive. Had an alignment job done a month or so ago and probably should have had it changed if I have...
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    Mercury ignition system

    Just wanted to check with you guys on a few points. First of all, has anybody ever had any problems trying to copy one of Mercury's keys? It seems everywhere I go either they can't cut it or they cut it wrong.(pretty crazy key) Can you order them directly from Merc? Secondly, I wanted to put...
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    boat input needed!

    I am considering selling my Ranger 495V for a 1998 Ranger 692VS walleye edition deep-v. This is a fiberglass walleye boat, 20', full glass windshield, loaded with electronics. It has a 98' Johnson 175Ficht and a Johnson 9.9 kicker. Anybody have any experience with this boat? How is this...
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    Finally made it out on the water!

    Just wanted to share my first outing of the season with you folks. Went to starved rock(IL river) over the weekend looking for some sauger action. No sauger but a bunch of striper's. Got about 20 of them, biggest was around 5 lbs. It was the funniest thing though. You see, anytime I go out...
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    What brake fluid? DOT 3,4, or 5

    What do most of you prefer to use in your trailer brake system's? I know that the main difference is that DOT 5 is silicon based and the others are not which is why they should not be mixed, but do they offer different benefits. What works best?
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    Surge Brakes

    I was reading the thread about the tie down disc brakes and was wondering if they are the same as my surge brakes? I have a 96' Ranger trail, 2 axel, with surge brakes on one axel. My questions my sound dumb but here it goes. I want to inspect my brake pads and was wondering if this system...