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  1. hotrod53

    1977 Merc 500 water in oil

    This old Merc has been bulletproof for 13 years. This year my impeller went bad after just 2 years and I replaced it. Now yesterday I noticed that I got some oil leaking out of the water intake when I tilted it up. Today as I winterized, I drained the lower unit and my oil has water in it...
  2. hotrod53

    Need not peeing on first season fire up

    I pulled the lower unit and replaced the entire water pump. Housing, seals, impeller, everything is new. When I pulled it apart I saw that I had replaced the impeller in 2019, longer ago than I thought, but I’d bet it didn’t have more than 10 runs on it. It’s all back together but time hasn’t...
  3. hotrod53

    Need not peeing on first season fire up

    Yes, a Quicksilver impeller
  4. hotrod53

    Need not peeing on first season fire up

    Does a 50hp have a poppet valve?
  5. hotrod53

    Need not peeing on first season fire up

    The old propeller was in good shape but curved as expected. The motor has run a half dozen times since that impeller was installed.
  6. hotrod53

    Need not peeing on first season fire up

    1977, Merc 500 Thunderbolt….I put a new impeller in at the beginning of last season. Today I fired it for the first time of the season in the river. I typically like to test fire in the river because this Merc doesn’t pee as well on muffs. The Merc started right up and for the first little bit...
  7. hotrod53

    Water leaking by spark plugs

    My 50 hp did that around cylinder plug 1, but not as bad. I bit of silicone has fixed mine for 2 years so far. I'm afraid to break the bolts off until I have no choice.
  8. hotrod53

    No water Flo...

    I've had times where my motor wouldn't pump on muffs but would if submerged. Before you panic, get yourself a piece of string trimmer string. Push it up in your pee hole and be sure mud dawbers haven't clogged your pee hole. Happens all the time.
  9. hotrod53

    Cant accelerate past 2800 rpm

    Be careful pulling wires off of a good coil. Not having anywhere to dissipate that electrical charge will cause a coil to eat itself. That charge will find its way to ground even if its through its own insulation. I had a guy leave a plug wire off after changing plugs and the coils arced out and...
  10. hotrod53

    Boyesen power reeds!

    I used to use Boyson 2 stage reeds in my dirt bikes and they made a difference. Boysen makes a good product.
  11. hotrod53

    Feedback needed

    I use StarTron..... good stuff! I use it in all of my motors, boat, chainsaw, weed eater, pressure washer, you name it. It's available in auto parts stores but there's a concentrated version which is what I use. A $35 bottle of concentrate last you for years! This stuff eliminates the effects...
  12. hotrod53

    1997 Mercury 20 hp Carb / Idle Issues

    I had the issue with loss of power at WOT and it eventually stranded me 6 miles from the truck. Turned out that Stabil turned into a reddish brown snot-like glob in my fuel line. If your fuel line collapsed, you're suffering from ethanol relates issues. New fuel line, complete carb disassembly...
  13. hotrod53

    Sticking needle valve in closed position on a 25 HP Merc 1989.

    I experienced the same with my 77 Thunderbolt 500. The ethanol in the fuel swells the tip of the needle valve. The new needles are ethanol compliment and are supposed to not do it. Personally I don't trust that it won't swell so here's the solution. At the end of each outing, disconnect your...
  14. hotrod53

    77 Merc 500 thunderbolt started/solenoid issue

    When I try and start my Merc 500, I turn the key and nothing happens for about 3 seconds, then the starter begins to crank. It doesn't do it once ive started it a few times. First time out it took a really long time before it cranked. A few seasons ago I disassembled the starter checked the...
  15. hotrod53

    Can a new impeller be bad?

    Working on a '77 Merc 500 4 cylinder Thunderbolt. I pulled my LU and replaced the impeller, it was 5 years old and it didn't pee on the test fire. I dropped the LU and the original was cracked on each leg but no broken arms. After installing the new impeller, I still couldn't get flow. The pee...
  16. hotrod53

    My trusty 500 Thunderbolt let me down today, looking for suggestions

    1977 Mercury 500, thunderbolt ignition, 4 cylinder, no distributor, new plugs, new fuel line from the tank to the fitting but not inside the power head, full tank of fuel, StarTron treatment in the mix. The last 4 years it ran flawless, this year its been in the water for 4 hours and today it...
  17. hotrod53

    1977 Thunderbolt 500 throttle cable slipping off, have questions

    Last year I replaced my throttle and shift cable, since that time my throttle cable slipped off twice while on the water! The pin that has the roll pin in it that goes through the adjusting cable is where it comes off. Am I missing a keeper or something? I never had this problem before the cable...
  18. hotrod53

    Looking for a read on my plugs, picture included

    I have a '77 Merc 500 Thunderbolt. I put new plugs in this motor when I built the boat 4 years ago, I've had them out to winterize, but apparently didn't pay much attention. I'm running NGK center fires BUHW-2 and the motor has been running trouble free. Last winter I bought new plugs and today...
  19. hotrod53

    Bearings and tire durability on a long tow, your opinion and experience wanted

    I'm planning a trip this summer with my 16' Sylvan. My trailer has 5.30 X 12 tires that are in pretty good shape, I also replaced all bearings and outer races last year and I keep my bearing buddy's full. I always disassemble everything, clean, and repackaged before a long trip. Last year I did...
  20. hotrod53

    Wheel question, what if my center hole is larger than my hub?

    I replaced my wheels a while ago , but I've wondered about this. My hubs have bolts, not studs. My center hole is larger than the hub therefore they are a bear to put on, but I developed a technique. Does it matter if the hub is smaller than the center home of the rim other then making it hard...