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    Got Aerocraft?

    I have a 1956 Aerocraft, was originally a runabout, but someone cut the foredeck out before I got it to put in a fishing seat. I use it as a fishing boat, it's a great hull and with a 1976 Merc 20 hp motor it gets up on plane nicely and really scoots along. Any other Aerocrafters out there?
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    Troubleshooting Motorguide Lazer 320es

    I recently picked up a non-working Motorguide Lazer 320es. I'd like to dig into it a bit and see if it's worth salvaging. For starters, I want to see if the lower unit (the motor) is good or not. the controls and the circuit board in the head are suspect. I'm thinking perhaps I can...
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    Boat trailer winch handle--ever see one of these?

    I just bought a boat with a trailer and the winch on the trailer has no handle. The trailer is a heavy tandem axle trailer, and the boat is about 1000 pounds dry. I don't think it is the original trailer, but no way to know for sure. The boat is a 1963 Texas Maid Electra cabin cruiser. The...
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    How much does a 1970's 70 hp Chrysler weigh?

    A friend has offered me a 1970's 70 hp Chrysler outboard. It is on his old boat and I'll need to get it off, put it in my pickup and remount it on my boat. How much does one of these things weigh? I'm trying to figure out what I'll need to do this. Thanks!
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    Seeking upper crank bearing for 25 hp Chrysler

    My buddy has a 1970's 25 hp Chrysler. I think it has a bad upper main bearing. When we had the flywheel off you could see where it had been hitting the magneto. When running, it made bad "rocks in a can" noises above about 1/3 throttle. I have the parts list online, but the upper main...
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    Spark plugs for 1975 25 hp--L-4-J?

    I'm helping a fishing buddy who recently bought a boat with a 1975 Chrysler 25 hp (model 252HB). I found a parts list on that recommends CHAMPION L-4-J plugs. The motor came with J plugs in it, which I believe are shorter than an L plug. Just want to make sure we put the right...
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    1960 Evinrude FastTwin 18hp excessive fuel consumption

    Just back from a six day fishing trip with three boats among us. My 1976 Merc 20 hp, a 1956 Evinrude 15 hp and a 1960 Evinrude FastTwin 18 hp. The 18 used twice as much fuel, if not more, than the other two. The 18 is a recent addition to the "fleet" so we don't have any historical data on...
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    1954 25 hp Johnson RD-16 compression release?

    I just got a 1954 RD-16 25 hp Johnson, and I know nothing about it's history, so I'm starting from scratch. No idea how long it has been sitting, but it is not frozen, the LU shifts properly, so far so good. Turning it by hand, the lower cylinder has obvious compression, but the upper has...
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    Evolution of the early 1950's 25 hp OMC's

    It seems like the early 1950's 25hp Johnson RD-10 through RD-17 series motors (and the Evinrude equivalent), evolved into 35 hp motors around 1957 (RD-19 through RD-21), then became 40 hp motors in the 1960 or so (RD-22 through RD-30). I think I read that the RD series were around 38 cu. in...
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    56 Fastwin broken transom mount--what wil fit?

    My buddy lost his trailer at about 70 mph--I wasn't along that day, so it's not my fault! Anyway, the impact broke a few things (no kidding) on his 1956 15 HP Fastwin, including the transom mounting bracket. Can anyone tell me what other years and motors would have had the same bracket and...
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    lower unit drain and refill--flush?

    I have a 1976 20 hp Merc 200. I bought it used. I have drained the lower unit and am going to refill it with fresh grease, but I was wondering if I should flush it out with something first. The grease I drained out was not entirely clean, I'd call it cloudy, about the color of peanut butter...
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    Can you build a switchbox?

    So, a switchbox is just a bunch of components built into a circuit, right? Does anyone know if it would be possible to build your own switchbox from off the shelf componenets?
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    Pulling flywheel--20 hp 1976 Merc, busted bolt in hole

    There are two threaded holes on the flywheel, marked and designated for attaching a flywheel puller. However, one of these has a bolt broken off in it. There are six other bolts adjacent to these two holes--however, these are national fine threads where the two designated holes are national...