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  1. Horigan

    Vinyl protectant/conditioner

    I've been happy with Starbrite Vinyl Cleaner & Polish. It has UV protection.
  2. Horigan

    Wiper Arms

    Soak with penetrating oil for a few days.
  3. Horigan

    2nd battery needed if installing prawn puller??

    The numbers say the single battery would work. I would assume 30A for this calculation (I sometimes blow the 30A fuse pulling pots) so you'll pull up to 10 Ah (amp hours) in 20 minutes from the battery, without idling.
  4. Horigan

    1996 Four Winns Sundowner with 5.0 Cobra engine and drive

    Once you're able to get the drive fully down, adjust (rotate) the sender until the gauge reads fully down. My gauge tends to show more movement near down than when trimmed up for trailering.
  5. Horigan

    1996 Four Winns Sundowner with 5.0 Cobra engine and drive

    The pump squealing you hear at the trim limits is normal. It is the pump flow going through the pressure relief valves within the pump. The drive you have is a Cobra SX, and a Volvo SX-M. Same component part numbers. I use this site for parts diagrams...
  6. Horigan

    1996 Four Winns Sundowner with 5.0 Cobra engine and drive

    Your props are same diameter, 14.5. The new one has a lower pitch, 19, basically like a lower gear. So you'll have better hole shot, but you may over-rev the engine at max throttle. Watch for that as you work up to max throttle.
  7. Horigan

    1996 Four Winns Sundowner with 5.0 Cobra engine and drive

    If the O-rings are about an inch (3 cm) in diameter, they go on the grooves on the input shaft. Lube with motor oil. There should be three additional smaller O-rings. Two for the drain hole and the middle hole plugs, and a slightly larger one for the dipstick. You must fill the leg from the...
  8. Horigan


    Then there's the mess when you need to refill the tank. Pull the drippy hose and check valve out and set it somewhere while you fill the tank.
  9. Horigan

    Seeking Guidance - Penta SX-A Cone Clutch & Cable Issue

    One thing I’ve done to reduce the slop in the mechanism is to add additional washers or a zip tie to eliminate the lateral movement. If there is slip, this will help to reduce it and provide more cable travel.
  10. Horigan

    Volvo Tilt/Trim Sensor

    It's a pain to get to depending on the motor configuration. When installing the new one, put some synthetic grease on the rubber part of the sender so it goes in fully into the hull. More fun than removing the cotter pin is putting it back on to the new one.
  11. Horigan

    Winch replacement suggestions

    Actually, the concern would be the amount of strain energy. So the cable would brake with little spring back of the failed end. The nylon strap would spring back with much more velocity.
  12. Horigan

    Grease tube on VP DP-SM, fitting striped

    Newer gimbal bearings don't require greasing and don't have a grease port. So another option would be to install a newer bearing and seal the grease fitting port somehow. Being full of grease may be sufficient.
  13. Horigan

    1996 Four Winns Sundowner with 5.0 Cobra engine and drive

    @Lpgc, I've read here and other places that Volvo gear oil is better for clutch cone performance and at working as a lubricant with some water in it. For the gimbal bearing, U-joint nipples, and wheel bearings I use marine wheel bearing grease. Triple Guard is too thick for those applications.
  14. Horigan

    1996 Four Winns Sundowner with 5.0 Cobra engine and drive

    For the fluid use Volvo 75W90 oil. Get the biggest flathead screw driver you can find and ensure the slot on the plug is really clean and deep. Ensure the screwdriver is well seated before torquing on it. You don't want it to slip. You'll need three O-rings; drain plug, overfill plug under...
  15. Horigan

    UFP Dexter Trailer Buddy Electric Reversing Solenoid

    FYI. You only need the lockout on one side. My UFP came with lockout tool attached with a small cable, without a magnet.
  16. Horigan

    transom water leak

    I would remove the Y-pipe and check the condition of the sealing surfaces. If good, install a new seal. You may want to consider drilling into the transom from the inside near the outdrive near the bottom to confirm the wood is dry and you don't have any transom rot. Reseal the hole when...
  17. Horigan

    Need help with converting MSD toilet to just portable, carry off and dump.

    Welcome to the forum. I did this years ago and believe I was able to get the conversion parts. Maybe find the part number of the portable toilet you're looking to convert to and look up spare parts on their website.
  18. Horigan

    Co-owning a boat?

    I've been in a successful partnership for three years. Both of us are mechanically inclined and share in the maintenance, bottom painting, waxing, etc. We use a Google calendar to reserve time on the boat. For my wife and I it wasn't worth paying for the boat, slip fees, and doing maintenance...