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  1. jonathanwsmith

    OMC 6 Gal Cruse a Day tank

    Solid explanation. I’ll stick with the $6 quad ring. Thanks.
  2. jonathanwsmith

    OMC 6 Gal Cruse a Day tank

    One question, F_R, offers two parts with different t numbers and prices for part no 17. Please see attached picture. I’ve got the second part no 0332488 for $6.99 in my cart, is that the correct one? Thanks, Jonathan Smith Lake Tillery, NC
  3. jonathanwsmith

    OMC 6 Gal Cruse a Day tank

    Thanks F_R Mariner, I’m grateful. It’s a miracle that I can get in this board and ask a question about a 60 year old gas tank and someone on the other end would share his wisdom with me.
  4. jonathanwsmith

    OMC 6 Gal Cruse a Day tank

    F_R I’ve been way behind on things but I’m back now. Is it 17,21, and 36 that I need? And just one (1) each? Thank you, sir. Jonathan Smith
  5. jonathanwsmith

    1964 Evinrude Yachtwin

    Thank you racerone, I reached out to LeeRoy And have already heard back from him.
  6. jonathanwsmith

    1964 Evinrude Yachtwin

    Thank you sir. I’ve learned the hard way that taking pics is essential.
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    I don't believe it's a Duratech
  8. jonathanwsmith

    1964 Evinrude Yachtwin

    Hey folks, I’m seeking advice on replacing the head on my 1964 Evinrude Yachtwin. Dad bought a 10 hp 1963 Sportwin on a 12’ Duratech V-12 when I was 13. 59 years later, I have and use the same boat/motor. Anyways, Mom couldn’t pull/start the 10, so Dad bought a 3 hp 1964 Yachtwin, which she...
  9. jonathanwsmith

    flywheel removal

    Thanks racerone, I’m looking to pull flywheels off my mother’s 1964 3 hp Evinrude Yachtwin and my 1977 2 hp Johnson. Based on your answer, I feel confident getting one with a 1/4-20 thread. Thanks Jonathan Smith
  10. jonathanwsmith

    10 hp Evinrude 1963 recoil spring

    I’ve got a good, clean spring. It unsprung. Housing, washers, rope coil are all clean and greased good. How do I coil up this spring and set it down in the indented well in the housing? Please see pic.
  11. jonathanwsmith

    2 hp Johnson Seahorse 1978

    2hp 1978 Johnson Seahorse ran fine last year, as it has for the previous 40 years. Last fall, I drained the gas and stored in the boathouse. This year, I filled with fresh gas/oil, installed new plug, pulled start rope, but there is no spark. What could be the problem? How should I diagnose...
  12. jonathanwsmith

    Info on screw

    Hello all, does anyone know the diameter, length Andy thread count for the three (3) screws that bolt on the starter recoil assembly for a 1963 Evinrude 10 hp Sportwin. Parts says it was part 0303288 which was replaced by 031902. 0303288 : Replaced by 0312902 See parts manual...
  13. jonathanwsmith

    10 hp Evinrude ‘63

    Pull rope pulls 1” then locks and will not pull any further. Flywheel turns freely. Motor/pull rope mechanism been running great for 55 years. This happened without any other symptoms presenting. thanks, Jonathan Smith
  14. jonathanwsmith

    Pull rope recoil mechanism locked uo

    hi friends. Maybe you can help. My 1963 Evinrude 10 hp Sportwin pull rope locked up, after running and starting like a champ. The flywheel turns freely so its not locked up. I pulled it off the motor head and shot this 6 second video to show what I encountered. Any I suggestions? Thanks...
  15. jonathanwsmith

    10 HP Evinrude tiller gears don't mesh

    Noticed tiller handle gears not meshing (as shown in pic) Removed handle, examined gears and shaft. Reseated gears, made sure they aligned, made sure metal washer was outside (as shown in pic). Reinstalling tiller. Advanced handle. Gears came unmeshed. Any ideas what's happened and how to fix...
  16. jonathanwsmith

    200 Hp Yamaha 1998

    Looking for used mid section to replace mine which has a corroded steering bracket. I'm in NC. Jonathan Smith
  17. jonathanwsmith

    10 hp motor clamp screw

    Hello folks, Any idea where I might find a motor clamp bolt (screw) for a 1963 10 hp Evinrude? I believe its illustration # 90, 91 & 92 on this parts diagram Thanks, Jonathan Smith
  18. jonathanwsmith

    10 hp Evinrude Sportwin all of a sudden hard to start

    Hi Folks, My '63 Sportwin has been firing up 1st or at most 2nd pull, even when cold, as long as choke's ok and bulb pumped. But a week ago I noticed the hi speed needle valve wasn't staying put. When I got to the dock what had happened was the threaded bronze part the needle valve screws into...
  19. jonathanwsmith

    Adding steering wheel/gear controls to Duratech?

    Hello friends, Thinking about adding a steering wheel and gear controls to my 1956 V-12, similar to what I think is a V-12 in this picture. Has anyone had any experience with this? I use it as a play boat with grandkids and dogs. Ours is powered by a 1963 Evinrude Sportwin 10 hp, which I had as...
  20. jonathanwsmith

    1975 Cox Trailer

    Hello folks, I've got a 1975 Cox (Grifton, NC) trailer. It came with a 1976 13' AMF Sunfish. I need to replace tires and bearings, and there's a Northern Tool 10 miles from me that sells a hub/wheel/tire combo cheaper than new bearings and tires. My challenge is, I won't know that size to...