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    between 19p and 21p, Which one is best for me?

    Think i'm going with the Stielleto II advantage with 14 1/4'' by either 19 or 21. the prop i have now is 14 1/2 x 19p stainless, not the best shape, nicks and scraches and may be bent a little, but rpms are at the highest recommended rpm at 4600 at 37mph, engine is an OMC 4.3L. If i go to the...
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    Top speed of your sunbird??

    Got a 89' 19ft sunbird with the 4.3 omc and can only get it up to 37mph, thats with a SS 14 1/2 x19p prop thats not in the best shape. Whats the top speed some of you sunbird owners are getting out of your boats?
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    89' Sunbird 4.3, Help with new prop...

    Hey guys, bought a 89' Sunbird, 19ft, 4.3 liter OMC last year and looking to get a new prop. Don't know much about props. Im looking to get more top speed from it. It has the stock prop, it says 14 or 14 1/2 on it...can't remember. The prop has some knicks in it and i can get up to 37mph at...