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  1. 66Niagara

    1973 Johnson 50ESL73R - 50HP.. Does anyone in here own one of these? HELP PLEASE!!

    I was just wondering if anyone owned this motor. I am trying to figure out where the hose goes from the nipple on the bottom of the air silencer? there is a few pictures I would like them to snap if you own one of these motors. There is also a second line coming from the bottom of the crankcase...
  2. 66Niagara

    1973 50ESL73R Fuel Pump Help!!

    Ok so I have an issue. The guy i bought the boat from had a universal fuel pump put on it. NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! however I want to replace it with the one thats actually supposed to be there. I don't have any diagram or anything showing what hose goes where and the hoses that are connected...
  3. 66Niagara

    remote control box warm up link-set screw

    So heres my issue, Before it would work intermittently and now after changing the cables for the throttle and shifter it won't do anything. I need to mess with this when i get home but could this seriously be the problem with my ignition!! Before I replaced the cables I installed a new...
  4. 66Niagara

    My first boat - 66 MFG Niagara

    Hello Guys, My name is Mike, I am 31 Years old and a first time boat owner. First of all I have just bought my first boat. I grew up on the lake and my dad had all sorts of boats growing up but they were never mine. So I started looking for one in January and found someone who wanted a bigger...