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  1. srandall64

    Need help identifying a 1968 16'7" Boston Whaler HIN#

    I just acquired a 1968 16'7" Boston Whaler from a friend. It has a 5 digit stenciled HIN# in the center of the inboard transom. Is there a way to identify what model it is? its a center console with the blue Whaler inside color, but I don't know if it was always a center console. The HIN# 38971...
  2. srandall64

    Trying to figure out what model Merc engine and outdrive I have?

    Hello everyone, Trying to determine what model Merc engine I have and what model Outdrive and ratio... I recently purchased a 1970 21' Slickcraft Cuddy (SS215) with the original Mercruiser 250 inline 6, 165hp engine, and outdrive. Can anybody tell me what model this engine and outdrive would...
  3. srandall64

    Need help identifying a 1972 Slickcraft SS215

    I just got a 1972? Slickcraft SS215 cuddy... The serial number says SS215 with no hull numbers. I understand from other threads I've seen that hull numbers weren't introduced till 1973-74.. Can anyone tell me if this in in fact a 1972? And how I might go about registering it? The gentleman I got...
  4. srandall64

    Slickcraft ID help?

    Re: Slickcraft ID help? I have a 1972 I just got for free and the Slickcraft tag says serial number SS215... How do I register it with a hull number if it was before hull numbers were introduced? The person I got the boat from said it was registered in his name but cant find the old...