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  1. grewvin1

    Flooding Carb...

    1985, crusader 7.4L, Carter quad. jet op Start eng. good head out power up engine quits and gas blows out of every opening in the carb. Installed new carb. kit. (Needle Seat attach needle hang correctly p install all other parts accel. pump etc. On power-up carb. after rebuild still the same...
  2. grewvin1

    Fresh Water Pump

    Fresh water pump Jabsco, has short run ever 3 min. or so to pressurize. Have checked all connections no water leak or seepage need to know if there is a check valve before the pump to stop water running back into fresh water tank causing drop in pressure at pump?
  3. grewvin1

    New season oil change

    Put 30hrs on boat last season, this spring oil clear much less time on it than on car when oil change needed is there any real reason to change oil if engine low time, oil clear like honey would like to run another season don't want to dump what might be good oil and filters. Thoughts?
  4. grewvin1

    Reverse Polarity all of a sudden

    Same power outlet, same cable, three month ago marina added GFI 15amp. All was fine but if refrig, and battery charger kicked in same time blew GFI. Added Split harness two plugs to get 30amp to panel. Oh yea it is a 32ft 1985 Wellcraft St Tropez. Switched the double panel switch and now get...
  5. grewvin1

    1987 wellcraft twin 5.7L Starter Bolt Removal

    5.7L Starter Bolts, have socket to fit the close fit bolt can get torque bar and socket on bolts, need suggestions on removal as they are on so so darn tight worried will bust of bolt. Have torque bar with pipe on handle from starter to front end of engine where I can get a handle on it but...
  6. grewvin1

    How much can an alternator take before burning up

    Welcraft 28ft, twin 350's, have two banks of batteries on for house with three large deep draw 800 marine cranking amps, 105 amp hours, 185 minute reserve capacity. Used for frige. and house facilities when down to just under 12v when running alternator heats and smells of overheat, have...
  7. grewvin1

    bad lifter collapsed

    1986, 454, 7.5 engine. Backfire in exhaust manifold. pull left bank valve cover off exhaust rocker only moving 1/4 the travel distance of all the others. Valve springs good non broken portion of push rod showed travel mark as did all the others, this one showed it only moved small bit. if a...
  8. grewvin1

    454 backfire (pops) in exhaust

    1987 454 new points set dwell, timing,cap, rotor and plugs. Tried new coil. Get it up to 2200rpm under load and pops in exhaust no power. Timing light can see variance in light will float from 8 to 10 degrees.
  9. grewvin1

    Starter making banging noise but works

    1987, merc. 5.7L starter turns engine over well and engine will start but as it cranks there is this bang, bang, bang or clunk clunk hard to put accurate word to it, as it cranks. I turn engine over by slave sol. and feel the solenoid on top of the starter and feel the banging at the tail end...
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    Great summer

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  11. grewvin1

    Cannot find Transom plate for King Cobra big block 1993 thundercraft

    Would like to know if anyone has information if 1993 was a cross over year for Volvo and the transom plate would work in place of the King Cobra big block transom plate. I have heard this could be done as cannot find King Cobra Transom plate.
  12. grewvin1

    OMC King Cobra 454 big block transom plate self destruct, need to replace with Merc.

    Can I get rid of my 1993 big block King Cobra out drives for Merc? My transom plate busted up broke and can't find one to replace, would rather replace with Merc. out drives is this a hard change out with the transom cut out. Is there a way to adapt the Merc. unit?
  13. grewvin1

    OMC King Cobra

    1993 Thundercraft 32ft, 454 engines. Transom plate, part of the casting that the main bellows attach to has broken clean off all around due to corrosion. Would like to understand if this particular transom unit is hard to find as I am told it is due to being manufactured for only a few years. I...
  14. grewvin1

    Rudder angle

    1992 Wellcraft St. Tropez or LX 3200. need to replace the rudder stuffing box blocks for the rudder shaft on the inside of the hull old ones rotted and shaft moves. Using Star Board would like to know if anyone knows the angle of the hole needed for the rudder shaft for the inside stuffing box...
  15. grewvin1

    Rib separate from stringer

    28ft, 1987 Wellcraft Monte Carlo. found on port side two ribs separated from bottom stringer, the fiberglass has cracked and rib will wiggle free there are two of them in a row like that one has even separated from the hull on the tip end. Can I tie these back in with angle brace to the...
  16. grewvin1

    Fuel Pump vs Electric Pump

    1987, 5.7L merc. V8, 4bbl. Question is after week of no use take a few cranks and pumps of throttle to get going normal for carb. engine. Would changing to an electric fuel pump allowing it to pump up when ign. on put fuel into carb faster than mech. pump and diaphragm ?
  17. grewvin1

    What does Dual station mean for temp/oil sender?

    Looking up merc. 1987, 350 mag. eng. wanting new temp sender and oil sender and note in listings one with and one with out " WATER TEMPERATURE SENDER (DUAL)" would someone advise the meaning of this meaning of Dual ?
  18. grewvin1

    Wellcraft St. Tropez LHX rudder port broken

    Out on ride cruise speed 3,200rpm 454's, bang from stern, water pouring in from one of the rudder housings. Cut speed back to 4mph no water limp home. Seems like crack in rudder port. Can't find on computer photo or images of rubber port at angle of hull and how they are to be replaced (out of...
  19. grewvin1

    Battery Charger replacement

    Have a Wellcraft Monte Carlo 1987 with this battery charger inside. I don't believe it is working as there is no change to the volt meter when I flick the switch on the Breaker Panel for this. I have put a meter on the batteries and there is no change to the meter when I turn the charger on...
  20. grewvin1

    VHS Radio antenna install coax cable length?

    Have new radio Solaris and new antenna. Soldered on the connector all as instructed signal transmit weak compared to my buddies with this the same rig. How long do you have to have the cable? thinking there is too much and have resistance as i did not cut any of the cable off. The antenna is...