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    Rookie mistakes

    Re: Rookie mistakes Well, it was sure an interesting adventure! One of the buddies was in the military at the time, and we actually rented the boat from the military base. We weren't cleaning it, it was the beginnings of a long day of trying to get the boat back in the water. We decided...
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    Rookie mistakes

    Well, sadly this story is something my buddies and I experienced first hand. We were the idiots... I am new to the forum, and thought you guys might get a good laugh from it. We surely did. My buddies and I were on a boat in the Hood Canal up in Washington. We headed out for a couple day...
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    Etiquette on the boat launch

    Re: Etiquette on the boat launch I was lucky enough to see this one while on the Hood Canal in Washington. If the boat launch is steep, make sure you keep the boat hooked to the trailer until you get in the water! These guys managed to use the hand crank winch to get the boat back on the...
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    1996 mirrocraft profisherman 1730

    Hey guys, this is my first post. I'm trying to find some information on a boat my father just purchased. We are not sure of the fuel tank capacity for his boat. It is a 1996 Mirrocraft Profisherman 1730. Does anybody know any specs on this model? We are having trouble locating information...