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    Johnson fuel issues - I think

    I have a 80 Johnson Seahorse that I recently purchased. I rebuilt the carb and installed a new water pump, I tested my work a few weeks ago and it started up and would idle. Now I can't get it to start; it would pop when I spray starting fluid but does not seem to be getting gas now. One thing I...
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    Prop for a Johnson 80HP

    This question relates to prop functionality more than anything, which I can probably read somewhere online but there are specific questions I would like to ask regarding my motor and boat. I have a 1966 Johnson 80 hp motor on a 1966 Glasspar Avalon that I?m just beginning to restore. The...
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    1966 Johnson 80hp Carb Kit

    Anyone know where I can get a carburetor rebuild kit for my 1966 Johnson Outboard? Thanks.