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  1. cptbill

    Anybody use OTA TV?

    It's from Walmart, looks like an 8 and then I have a cheap china splitter/amp. You can use just about any of the amped slitters, my neighbor has the same ant. but he uses a different splitter but both of ours came from amazon
  2. cptbill

    Anybody use OTA TV?

    Been on OTA TV for a couple years now, we us a power boaster/splitter for 3 TV's and generally pull in 70-90 channels. We're about 50 or so miles nw of Tampa. Also have roku TV's and don't miss cable at all or spectrum's bills
  3. cptbill

    Volvo Penta 7.4 Gi

    VP outdrives are pretty much bullet proof as long as it's maintained properly
  4. cptbill

    Marine Tex on Alodine?

    Haven't tried any of those, I use JB weld for those kind of repairs
  5. cptbill

    Need to vent....

    File a complaint with the NTSB, that should get some ones attention
  6. cptbill

    Booze and boat don’t always mix well.

    Just a reminder why a lot of us don't go out on holidays or weekends
  7. cptbill


    I like to slice them and put them on the grill for a few minutes, combine that with some pulled pork or ribs and I'll just sit there and eat till no more will fit in
  8. cptbill


    Quit frankly I'm more interested in the pineapple upside down cake, haven't had one in forever. Maybe that's what I'll do with this one when it's ripe
  9. cptbill

    2003 4.3gl PEFS overheating, please help

    You need to check all the little passage ways in the T stat housing and make sure all the impeller pieces are cleaned out of the system
  10. cptbill

    Help transom leaking

    Transom, bellows, Y pipe, Scotts right pull the drive check the bellows then pull the motor
  11. cptbill

    Just thought I'd share a nice photo.

    I haven't seen 2am in a long long time
  12. cptbill

    U-Joints Questions Shims / Spider / Torque Specs VP SX-M

    As long as your not changing gears or bearings then yes reuse the plastic shims but replace the big O ring
  13. cptbill

    Just thought I'd share a nice photo.

    Hard to bet a day like that
  14. cptbill

    projects other than boats

    Nice find on the LS4. Getting ready for a motorhome trip, all the maintenance stuff is done but today I saw the first love bug and thought I better get some more wax on this thing. 4 hrs of compounding and not done yet. The buffer seems to weigh more than I remember or maybe I just getting to...
  15. cptbill

    Remove One Exhaust Bolt - Need to redo all bolts with new gasket?

    Those riser gaskets are are a contentious enough , if where mine I'd spring for a new gasket
  16. cptbill

    Looking at buying a 2006 Bayliner Cierra 2455 that has seen better days at auction with an eye to restore it. Not sure what to look for.

    2006 Bayliner won't be a problem depending on the reason for a salvage title. Merc or VP drive line and no structural problems with late 90's or newer
  17. cptbill

    Grease tube on VP DP-SM, fitting striped

    It's another spot for corrosion to begin
  18. cptbill

    Grease tube on VP DP-SM, fitting striped

    If your going to pull it out don't forget to seal both holes
  19. cptbill


    I'm going to try and find some of that