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    What was I thinking

    Can someone help? I had to unhook the cranking battery in my 2007 1780 Carolina Skiff to check and charge it. My battery is in an akward place and is hard to see. Well The wires fell behind the battery and after I took it out I didn't know where three of the wires went. They are smaller wires...
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    Loss of power at full speed

    I have a 70hp johnson mod# j70plssd. On occasion I will be running and the motor powers down. It still runs but at lower rpm. Have had the stator, plugs, fuel filter, fule line, squeeze bulb and the anti syphon valve replaced. When it powers down it is very sudden. Have not hit anything.
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    Loss of power at full speed

    I have a 1999 70hp Johnson mod# J70plssd. While running full speed motor will loose power on ocassion. Have had stator, plugs, fule line, fule filter, squeeze bulb,and anti syphon valve replaced. Starts and idles good. Pee hole squirts strong.