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  1. wbeaton

    The End of Two Stroke Outboards - 2011 12 31

    My local marina told me Yesterday that they just received notice that Canada will no longer allow the sale of NEW two stroke outboards as of Dec 31 2011. According to him, the Canadian government is following suit with the US EPA. Anyone know more about this? If this is true I wonder what this...
  2. wbeaton

    1960's 40 hp Generator Parts List

    Anyone have the parts list for a 1960's OMC 40 hp generator? I need new brushes.
  3. wbeaton

    9.9/15 hp Thermostat

    I have a 1986 Evinrude 15 hp that I need to check and/or clean out the thermostat (debris plugging). The thermostat is located at the bottom of the water jacket. I've done it before on a different motor of the same vintage by removing the cowl latch and water jacket cover bolts. Then I slid the...
  4. wbeaton

    7.5 hp Lower Unit Problem

    I just recently finished working on a 1974 Mercury 75 7.5 hp outboard. I replaced the impeller and everything seemed fine. The shifter engaged the appropriate gears when selected. I took it out on the lake today to test it out. I putted along in a no wake zone for about 100 ft. Once I gave it...
  5. wbeaton

    7.5 hp Water passage questions - PHOTOS

    I've finally got back to working on my 1974 Mercury 75 7.5 hp. I bought this motor as a runner last winter. I installed a new impeller and tested the motor this spring. The motor pumped lots of water. Too much in fact as water shot out along all the gaskets (exhaust, water jacket and base) and...
  6. wbeaton

    Year of Canadian Mercury 75

    Anyone know the year of a Canadian Mercury 75 (7.5 hp)? Serial number 7029505. Looks mid 1970's.
  7. wbeaton

    1992 Suzuki DT-2 Impeller

    Can anyone tell me the part number for the impeller for 1992 Suzuki DT-2 2 hp? I can't buy one locally and I'm having trouble finding anything smaller than a DT-4.
  8. wbeaton

    Source for gasket material

    Anyone have an internet source for gasket material? I'm looking to make some gaskets (powerhead base, exhaust, etc) and I'm having a heck of a time finding a place locally. I've called just about every autoparts store and marina around with no luck.
  9. wbeaton

    Props for 7.5 hp Johnson/Evinrudes (1954-58)

    Everyone always asks how to get more power out of their old Johnson/Evinrude 7.5 hp motors. As side from proper boat set-up and weight distribution correct propping is the only way to acheive better performance. It has commonly been mentioned that switching to the smaller 2 blade 8x7 prop of the...
  10. wbeaton

    Just venting - I feel like a sucker.

    I feel like I've either got sucker written across my forehead or I'm just too trusting. I'm 0-3 and starting to get upset. I recently picked up a 1972 6 hp "that runs, but needs a clutch dog". I felt I knew this motor since I tried to help its previous owner fix it on a fishing board I go to...
  11. wbeaton

    Removing Heavy Calcium Scale

    I recently picked up an outboard motor that had been used on a sailboat. The lower unit is covered in heavy calcium build up. I've put a lot of elbow grease into it, but much of the scale is super hard and not readily coming off. Anyone have any ideas how to remove it?
  12. wbeaton

    Replaced Waterpump But Still Not Cooling

    I have a 1968 Mercury 39 3.9 hp outboard with a cooling issue. I replaced the impeller and checked to make sure the water passages were clear, but it still didn't pump any water. I put the lower unit in a bucket with the entire water pump underwater and turned the driveshaft with a drill. It...
  13. wbeaton

    1977 Powerhead fit 1983 25 hp?

    I posted this before, but got no bites. I'll try it one more time. I have a 1983 Johnson 25 hp with a bad powerhead. Anyone know if I can replace it with any 25 hp powerhead back to 1977?
  14. wbeaton

    1983 25 hp - Compatible Powerhead

    I have a 1983 Johnson 25 hp with a bad powerhead. Anyone know which years will bolt up? I think 1982-85 will work, but can I go older than that?
  15. wbeaton

    Will a 7.5 hp lower unit fit a 6 hp?

    Quick question. I have a 1968 Mercury 6 hp that needs a lower unit. Will a lower unit from a 1970's 7.5 - 9.8 hp fit or do I need to look for a 60's 6 hp specifically?
  16. wbeaton

    1950's 10-15 hp Prop Shaft Seal Part No.

    Is there a modern replacement for the prop shaft seal no. 302495, which is common to the 1951-57 10-15-18 hp Johnson/Evinrudes? I can only find it as a vintage special order part and its ridiculously expensive. I need a half dozen of these so I really need the help. Thanks.
  17. wbeaton

    Help determining year of Suzuki DT2

    Hi folks, Can anyone help me figure out the year of my Suzuki DT2 0201-233796? It is a Canadian model. Searching on the internet it comes up as a 1982 (US model), but the engine cover decal does not match the 1982 model, but rather the 1987-93 DT's. There is also a compliance sticker on the...
  18. wbeaton

    Year of Mercury 75

    Can anyone tell me the year of my Mercury 75 7.5 hp motor? It is a Canadian model s/n 7057050. I thought it was a 1975, but the decal set for that year doesn't match what I just peeled off it. Thanks in advance.
  19. wbeaton

    Part Number - 1960 Evinrude 18 hp Upper Crankcase Seal

    Does anyone have the correct part number for the upper crankcase seal for a 1960 Evinrude Fastwin 18 hp? I was given the part number 305987, but it turns out that it is way too small. Its an expensive seal and I don't want to buy the wrong one again. Thanks
  20. wbeaton

    Upper Crankcase Seal Puller

    Anyone know where to find an upper crankcase seal puller? OMC used to make a few for different sized motors, but they no longer sell the tool. My marina said there was a company in the US that sells outboard tools. He couldn't remember the name - Ken Tool Company or something. Anyone know where...