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    Duranautic 14’ v-hull project

    So after much research and weighing of all my boat requirements, I settled on getting a Duranautic DNB14RDS utility v-hull. Its a 14’ aluminum V-hull with dual split rear bench seats. It is a 2013 that i bought new from a marina this year (2018). It has never seen the water as it was their boat...
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    2013 Duranautic Boat project

    I have a Duranautic v-hull that I bought new and plan to deck out with a bow casting deck, a bowmount trolling motor, sonar/gps, etc. I hope to post pictures as I progress.
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    '89 90 hp evinrude intermitent non-start

    So I have an '89 evinrude 90hp vro that starts and runs fantastic. Usually fires up in just a few cranks of the starter and runs strong, no skips, stutters, etc. However, every several outings, after having started the motor several times and being run to a few fishing spots it won't start. The...
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    Dual Steering cables on boat - single steering cable outboard?

    So I have a boat that I installed a 1985 Evinrude 90 hp on. The problem is, the previous owner had a mercury with dual steering cables and the Evinrude only uses one. Last season I simply used one cable and let the other one rock and roll in the bildge area. I was thinking about removing the...
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    Tilt/Trim Sending hookup

    I am in the process of hooking up a new-to-me tilt trim unit on my 1985 90 hp Evinrude which did not previously have power tilt/trim. I think I am all set on the relays and wiring up the motor but what I am kind of stumped on is the sending unit. The sending unit has a 2 conductor cable that...
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    Adding Trim/Tilt to a 1985 Evinrude 90 hp

    HI all. I am planning on adding a power trim and tilt unit to my 1985 90 hp Evinrude. This motor did not come with trim/tilt originally. Will the unit from the other models from the same year hook up to my motor? I have found a few used units locally and they look like the bolt holes and things...
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    1985 90hp rude - VRO oil consumption?

    I have a 1985 90 hp evinrude that I have been running since I got it with the oil tank hooked up/filled and marked for initial level as well as tank mixing 50;1 until I can confirm that the VRO is working properly. My question is how much oil should this motor be consuming? I have run just over...
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    Dumb question - damaged prop

    So I was wondering how much performance is effected by a damaged prop? I have a 13x19 prop with some bent edges and a 1/4"x1" chunk missing out of the leading edge of one blade. How bad might this effect the props performance? I am planning on getting a new prop but was thinking of keeping this...
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    1985 90hp Evinrude - spark plug metal shavings

    Re: 1985 90hp Evinrude - spark plug metal shavings Here is the spark plug from that cylinder as well.
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    1985 90hp Evinrude - spark plug metal shavings

    Re: 1985 90hp Evinrude - spark plug metal shavings This is the most in focus I could get. They seem to be fairly large - maybe 1/16th to 1/8th in size, silver and slightly curled. There is a whole crap load of them. They seem to be on the outside, thought the spark plug thread was kind of...
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    1985 90hp Evinrude - spark plug metal shavings

    just got a used 1985 90hp evinrude vro. A closer inspection turned up metal shavings (likely aluminum) around the outside of two of the spark plugs from the upper cylinders. haven't fired up the motor yet and likely won't until this is solved. No shavings around the lower two cylinders. Is this...