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    15’ boat weight

    Use your truck, the 4 cylinder escape is not really made to tow anything...safely...
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    Mercury Marine

    Look around, why would people drop 75 K on a new boat/ motor combo ? If you kept it for years you would still own more than its worth. This high inflation raises initial costs and also reduces resale is a loose / loose situation!! The economy only looks good due to all our tax money...
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    Battery powered pressure washer

    Unless there has been a newer more powerful model come along the electric and battery powered washers were pretty weak. Sold all my electric and battery powered stuff and went back to a small gas powered washer. I have not saw a power washer that would siphon, they all needed water pressure...
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    Floor Replacement: RE:1986 SS160

    Looking good....I do hope all those lead bars were to hold the vinyl in place while the glue set and were not being used as ballast !!
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    1997 Mirrocraft 18' aluminum fish n ski

    When a boat owner does not have time to sit at the helm and make motor noises, they have some serious issues !! Get help quickly, a couple good vroom..vrooms can make anyone feel better !!
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    Finding a leak???

    Crawl under and look for missing or really loose rivets. Sometimes a rivet or two can pop out. When underway all the water runs aft so it may appear to leak more ( just a guess here). Unfortunately the best way to find and fix is to remove the floor, unless you find some missing rivets or hull...
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    Finding a leak???

    Filling the boat can work but has it's much weight can damage hull or trailer. If you choose to use that method, use a smaller amount and move the boat by tilting the trailer to find the leak. Chances are it is a rivet and they can be tightened if you can find it. If the bottom...
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    Sea Ray 1977 200SR

    Hoping for the best...good luck.
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    Maybe my turn for new boat time

    That is boating season!!
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    My friend forgot to lock the hitch. Doh!

    Actually you got away pretty cheap, but still a valuable lesson ! There are certain things you "must" do on your own for piece of mind !!
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    2005 200hp Mercury Optimax Water in Gas

    Check your fuel from the source, many stations do not maintain there tanks like they should ( to busy to do proper testing) even big name stations!! When I fill my boat, I often add some gas to a small clean container to test at home to be sure the fuel is not contaminated. Our city is...
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    My friend forgot to lock the hitch. Doh!

    Your lucky, my neighbor's truck was brand new and those bumper sensors are not cheap !! I always make a habit of jacking the trailer jack up after snapping the coupler to be sure it was attached then snap the padlock closed to keep it in that position. I never let others snap my coupler just...
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    Sea Ray 1977 200SR

    Boats rot from the bottom up, dig deeper there will be more !!! Not being a spoil sport here, but trying to prevent a serious disaster on the water. In my 60 plus years of boat ownership, I have stumbled across some scary stuff and ugly failures on the water. Keep in mind that wood is a...
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    My friend forgot to lock the hitch. Doh!

    Neighbor was rousing his NEW truck to tow his boat, forgot to snap the coupler, safety chains worked, but 4400 dollars to repair his tailgate...ouch!
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    Beauty mark or compromised log?

    Blow air into the log and see if any comes out where you suspect holes to be sure. They don't look like holes to me, but I am just looking at a picture
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    Beauty mark or compromised log?

    Look me I tell people when they get a new car....take it to a parking lot and slam a shopping cart into the door....curse and cry, then go enjoy your new car and quit worrying about is broke in now !
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    Dash got ripped out!

    People ask me what type of GPS is in my vehicle, my answer is "WI FE" she is always telling me which way to go !
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    Anti-Ventilation Plate Height?

    Plate height is only critical at planing speeds, when going at displacement speed for trolling, not critical at all. Looks about same height as my kicker..
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    Submersible dock lights.

    Look for a " bug suit" often used by hunters to keep bugs from biting. I have one, fluffy billowey fine netting made into a jacket and pants. The material stays away from your skin by an inch or two so bugs can't bite. Works very well and includes a Vail for over your face so you can see thru...
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    Submersible dock lights.

    Color of the light also makes a difference. My outdoor lights have been converted to LED bulbs ( big electricity savings) but found the more silver/ blue colored light attracts far more bugs than the yellow colors do. Same with the light on my pond, more fish and other creatures with the...