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    1990 Four Winns Freedom 195 4.3 Cobra deck, transom, & stringer resto

    I've owned this boat for 8 years and have done a number of upgrades: interior, stereo with kicker box, stern graphics, etc. I keep her moored at my parents place on Skaneateles (say that 3 times fast) lake for 3 months every year. Well, when she started leaking in the bilge a couple of...
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    4.3 OMC Cobra running rich

    I've been through the crap Seloc manual (I've got the OMC manual on my PC but haven't consulted it yet) trying to find an adjustment on my 2bbl Holley carb. When I put her in gear she coughs for a moment or two before I am able to get underway. Might be an ESA related issue but I can smell that...
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    Ticking in transom after lower shift cable replacment

    I have a 1990 Four Winns Freedom 195 4.3 Cobra. While at idle in neutral there is a consistent ticking- -about every 15 seconds or so. I've stuck my ear down to where it might be coming from the best I could. It appears to be around where the engine meets the transom. The only thing I've done...
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    Choke on a Holley 2bbl carb on a Cobra 4.3

    I was told that the choke on my Holley 2bbl carb on my 4.3 Cobra setup is heat activated i.e. when the engine reaches operating temp the choke plate is fully open. The lever that operates the choke plate is fine but the choke plate won't fully open so past 3k on the tach she coughs for more...
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    Cobra lower shift cable adj: the " 5 Steps"

    I just put a new lower shift cable in my 90' 4.3 Cobra. I carefully went step for step from the OMC manual (downloaded from Iboats- -thank you). Okay, cable installed; used alignment tool for bellcrank held at 90; measured out 7 & 9/16" on the cable at the shift lever/engine. Next step: 5...
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    Sealant on outdrive?

    Just flipped my lower shift cable on my 4.3 Cobra. I'm about to re-install my outdrive and I'm wondering whether I should use gasket sealant on the new outdrive gasket? When I took the drive off, evidently I didn't use sealant the last time since the gasket was dry. Thanks.
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    OMC Cobra Bellcrank alignment

    I know that the lower shift cable matter on Cobras and Merccruisers has been given a fair amount of attention on this site. But the knowledge base is a little thin when it comes to the following aspect of the process. Background: With the OMC manual in hand, I just flipped out a new- -red- -OEM...
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    How hard to flip a 4.3 Chevy/OMC long block??

    Boat: 1990 Four Winns Freedom 195 with a 4.3 litre OMC Some of you may recall my post from last week: Seized engine or starter issue??? Decided to pay a local marine to look at it. Pulled the drive, cranked the pulley and she's set up. Pulled the heads and pistons looked fine with some water...
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    Starting issue or seized engine???

    I'm stumped. (Sorry in advance for the long post.) My boat: 1990 Four Winns 4.3 litre OMC Cobra. What happened? Blew a water inlet hose on the drive; boat overheated and I shut her down. Let her cool down and tried to re-start: click, click click and a tow back to the marina. Bear in mind I was...
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    Engine flush with Seafoam or????

    My father and I just did a head job on his 87' 120 hp MercCruiser. Had the head shaved (ten thousands- -she got hot somewhere) and put it all back together and she ran fine. We drained all of the milk (water and oil) before starting the job. We then added a new filter and oil prior to starting...
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    Video link: Boat Crash in Cent NY kills two

    The boats are shown in this footage from one of the local news stations in Syracuse:
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    Dashboard gauges expertise needed, please!

    Hi, how are you? Thanks for taking a review on this matter- -sorry for the long post. The particulars: Boat: 1990 Four Winns Freedom 195 with an OMC 4.3 litre (pic below) Flipped the engine (I didn't but an experienced boat mechanic did) the first year I got it three years ago with a long...
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    Boats crash in Cent NY and kill two- -scary!

    The story below is what happened on my home lake, Skaneateles, this past Sunday morning around 2:30 AM. Boat full of drunks t-bones and then flies right over a 21' Mastercraft killing/crushing etc two lovers on board. Needless to say it's scary what can happen at night on a boat...
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    Water in the bilge on my OMC 4.3

    Just splashed her Friday night. She sat on the mooring overnight, or roughly 20 hours, and pumped like 6 gallons out of the bilge the following day. She was dry as a bone the last two seasons and now I'm not sure where the leak is. It appears not to be engine related since it was just sitting...
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    Temperature gauge not working

    And, it hasn't for the last couple of seasons; I know, shame on me since it's important to know if the engine is frying. The boat is a 90' Four Winns Freedom 195 with a 4.3 OMC (BTW: the outdrive has been good to me so far). I had a remanned long block put in it two seasons ago when I bought...
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    Any fellow Duranautic owners out there?

    I'm 45 minutes north of their factory in Marathon, NY. Bought me new in 99'. She is actually a 98 model 13' Duranautic (love that sea foam green) with a 99 model 15 hp Johnson. It flys on the water and I named her "Scoot." Be happy to hear from other owners. I can't believe they actually...
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    Need to sleep soundly this winter.

    Bought my 90' Four Winns Freedom 195 with a 4.3 OMC Cobra a couple of years ago. It came with a cracked block from poor winterizing by the previous owner. I figured she was ready for a new engine at her age any ways so I didn't mind the 2.7k price tag on the remanufatured block with labor...