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    Hull extension and engine swap...still in evaluation phase

    To the question of is it feasible let's just say I have $20K to blow on the project. It doesn't have to make financial sense. Current boat is 1985 25' Hydroswift with 351W and VP 270T out drive. This is a heavy FG hull. In fact, the only reason I bought her from a life spent on Lake Powell...

    At the fuel dock

    The 70 gallons thread reminded me of this one: We pull up to the fuel dock in a converted Viet Nam era minesweeper. A sport boat pulls in at our bow and the sole occupant throws a half assed half hitch around a piling. He completes the normal procedure to begin fueling. Fueling commences...

    Classic glass

    I just stumbled across this web page. Interesting and informative. Fun to read.

    New deck layout coming soon

    1985 22' HydroSwift Ford 351W w/ VP T270 I/O Today I pulled up the last of the vinyl covering on the work deck. This allowed me to inspect the topside of the plywood decking. I was pleased to see the ply is matted and no signs of delam or rot. The previous owner had carpet squares laid...

    New launching restrictions--Lake Powell

    Prop lost--CHECK

    Today I add another experience. This was the 1st time I've lost a prop (on a small boat). The weird thing I was running steady at 1,400 RPM in a no wake zone on a tour of Newport Harbor. We rowed to a nearby beach and I put on another prop, washer, and cone. The rest of the day was idyllic...

    Ford 460 exhaust logs on Berkeley jet

    My brother just finished the install of a new engine in his recently bought jet boat. He isn't sure of how the logs should be plumbed. The logs (with the "snail" risers) came with the boat which was sold without an engine. The past owner is clueless and now admits he never had the boat ready...

    VP I/O 270 & 280 swap

    Would the VP 280 be a straight across swap for the VP 270T? Engine is Ford (Waukesha) 351 V-8. BTW: I'm new here and already see that there is such an incredible amount of great information in these forums. I very much appreciate the willingness of those knowledgable persons to share the...

    Oh no, what did I just do?

    Ford 350 with VP 270T Like an idiot.... While running the engine on the street--with adequate water to the raw water system--and with the I/O tilted up I goosed the throttle. Now there is a low grumbling noise coming from the upper half of the drive. I or my brother can't really tell if it's...