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  1. stealthdrummer

    motor height for a VS 150 T

    I just bought a 1990 HS VS 150 T. It has a rude 150XP on it with a 6 inch manual jack plate. 24 raker prop. The previous owner had a whale tail on it. I took it out the way I picked it up and it came out of the hole like crazy. After trying to trim the motor up to lift the hull and get going all...
  2. stealthdrummer

    motor turns one direction further than the other

    I just bought a 1990 Hydra sports VS150T and noticed that the motor will not turn as far one direction as the other. It has a dual cable set up. If you disconnect the bracket that is attached to the end of the cables the motor freely turns full lock to lock. You can turn the steering wheel lock...
  3. stealthdrummer

    best way to clean out rams

    If what I found in the pump (looked like gooey syrup, sludge and some clean oil I added last week) is in the rams it's no wonder why the trim is not working right. Or at least adding to the problem. Anyway to my question. I have twin rams that are sealed (Merc part# 79114A4) and need to get the...
  4. stealthdrummer

    replace the trim sender on 78 Merc 150 BM

    Does anyone have an exploded view of where the trim sending unit is for a 78 150 black max or explain how to replace it? I have the replacement part but didn't want to just start taking things apart willy-nilly. It is a twin ram setup if that helps. Thanks.
  5. stealthdrummer

    seal kits available

    Are seal kits available for a 1978 Merc dual ram power trim setup?
  6. stealthdrummer

    motor seems loose to me

    How much side to side play should there be on an outboard? It is a 1978 Champion bass boat with a 150 merc on it. The bolt that goes thru the two metal steering arms has a ton of play in it. Not sure if it is just loose or shot. If you stand behind the motor and grab each side of it you can get...
  7. stealthdrummer

    updating control box

    Is it possible to change the control box to a newer style. What I currently have is a 78 side mount control box that has the trailer function and choke on seperate buttons and no kill switch. What I would like to do is find a mid 80's box and swap it out. I know there might be some wiring issues...
  8. stealthdrummer

    trim/limit switch NLA...anyone got one

    I have a 1978 Merc 150 Black Max and the trim/limit switch has gone bad. My repair guy said that they are no longer available. Does anyone have one or know how to retrofit one so the trim gauge works?
  9. stealthdrummer

    kill/safety switch

    Do the 78 models have a safety/kill switch? I have looked everywhere and don't see one. There was a cord hanging from the steering wheel but no place to connect it. Looked all over the throttle control where I am used to seeing it and nothing. It has a Mercury 150 black max and merc controls...
  10. stealthdrummer

    livewells in a 78

    How does the live wells work in the older (78) bass boats? The boat has two, front/rear in the center of the hull. There are plastic pieces with hoses connected to them on the side of the hull that lets water in but seems high for draining. Are the fittings on the side of the hull above the...
  11. stealthdrummer

    78 150 merc no start

    I just got a 1978 Champion bass boat with a 150 Merc on it. The motor spins over great but won't fire unless you hit it with starting fluid first. After that it seems to run fine. I must admit I haven't had any time to get into it as I just brought it home today. If you squeeze the primer bulb...
  12. stealthdrummer

    75 Sidewinder build

    I bought this back in February from a guy in Iowa and have been working on it ever since. Rather than putting up a ton of pics here is a link to the photobucket album.
  13. stealthdrummer

    Latest project

    Just got a Hawaiian open bow off of craigslist for $350.00 and it came with a really good trailer. Got my work cut out for me but it seems to be a solid platform to build on.
  14. stealthdrummer

    Looking for Saint Louis, MO boaters to meet and run with

    I would like to meet some people around the Saint Louis area to hang and run with this next spring/summer. We (the wife and kids) ran the Meramec river near Fenton all last summer but are looking for some new spots to explore. I do have a fairly loud boat so if that isn't your thing it might...
  15. stealthdrummer

    Alton pools in Missouri/Illinois

    Can someone tell me exactly where the Alton pools are? I have heard that is a good place to run but have never found the area. Thanks
  16. stealthdrummer

    Trim pump has high pitched noise

    I have a mercury trim pump that today started making a high pitched whine when going up.:mad: It also goes up really slow now.:mad: Down is normal speed.:) The fluid was a tad low so I topped it off with no change. The pump also sounds like it is grinding when in the up mode.:eek: I am assuming...
  17. stealthdrummer

    Fuel pump stops after 10-15 minutes

    I have a BBC with no provisions for a mechanical pump so I have to run an electric. When I bought the boat it had a small Mr. Gasket micro pump (automotive) and rubber fuel lines. I replaced that with a Holley Red marine unit, braided SS lines and all of the safety switches needed. The boat ran...
  18. stealthdrummer

    replace trim sender, Merc Alpha

    I need to replace the trim sending unit and limit switch on a Merc Alpha 1 outdrive. Is this an "easy" task? I have very good mechanic skills but never have done this before. Does anyone have a step by step plan and will I need any special tools?
  19. stealthdrummer

    My project boat

    I bought this boat, a Marlin Aries 20, last fall. It runs really well but needs a bunch of clean up work. After gathering up parts over the winter all I needed was some warmer weather to get started, and a new digital camera. I managed to get all three over the past two weeks. I have posted some...
  20. stealthdrummer

    Affordable upholstery in St. Louis, Missouri

    I need some upholstery work done on the bow seating of my boat. Does anyone know of a good, reasonable priced shop around the Saint Louis, Missouri area? I have a quote of $900.00 to completely redo the whole area so far but have no idea if that?s good or way out of line. I have included some...