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  1. Barnacle_Bill

    Windows 10??

    I got an icon that I can click and get Win 10 but am hesitant. But at the same time I hate Win 8.1 with a passion so I am really tempted try it. Has anyone else made the change yet and what do you think of it?
  2. Barnacle_Bill

    warning beeps

    Probably a bad sensor in the oil tank. What motor?
  3. Barnacle_Bill

    Different kind of problem

    I've never ran into this one before. 1996 Evinrude 48 HP, 48ESLEDC. I bought a tach harness and when I plug it in I have power on the purple wire all the time regardless if the switch is on or off. I've got a manual coming from Ken Cook but meanwhile could use some suggestions. I'm not sure...
  4. Barnacle_Bill

    MS Excel

    Is there a free version of this? I refuse to pay 100 bucks a year for it when all I need is very basic use. Like keeping a list with a couple columns and sorting it.
  5. Barnacle_Bill

    Happy Birthday, NYBO!!

    Re: Happy Birthday, NYBO!! Happy Birthday!
  6. Barnacle_Bill

    Windows 8??

    Anyone running Win 8? If so how do you like it? I've got Win 7 right now and its OK but this HP computer has got to go. I'm going back to Dell.
  7. Barnacle_Bill

    volts needed to start 150 Vmax

    Re: volts needed to start 150 Vmax
  8. Barnacle_Bill

    Heat pump problem?

    A couple nights ago I noticed that the compressor outside was not kicking on. I didn't even sound like it was trying. Fortunately the aux strips in the air exchanger are working so we are not freezing to death. The next morning when I got up everything was working fine until now. Its doing it...
  9. Barnacle_Bill

    Any HVAC experts on board?

    Re: Any HVAC experts on board? Could this be my problem? I do not have the ?" pitch.
  10. Barnacle_Bill

    Any HVAC experts on board?

    I have an air exchanger in my attic leaking water into my ceiling. I cleared the pan drain for what I hope is a temp fix however I cannot get the water to come out the main drain. I took it loose and could see water in there and put a shop vac on the line to make sure it is clear. Until all this...
  11. Barnacle_Bill

    Lowrance Elite 5 DSI fuzzy at lower depths

    Re: Lowrance Elite 5 DSI fuzzy at lower depths Not sure what you mean by fuzzy. Here is a screen shot I took. A little more than 10 ft but pretty much the norm as far as being fuzzy to me. You might try it at 800 khz. As you can see on the second pix it appears a little bit sharper.
  12. Barnacle_Bill

    Minn Kota Powerdrive Help Needed

    Re: Minn Kota Powerdrive Help Needed I don't know if you will be able to read this or not but I'll try.
  13. Barnacle_Bill

    Any tax experts here?

    I've already filed using Turbo Tax and was surprised when I received a 1099B form yesterday. It seems I completely forgot I sold some stock early last year. This is stock in our local power company and I send them so much money each month just for this. So, I now need to file an amended return...
  14. Barnacle_Bill

    Blind rivets?

    Has anyone used these with aluminum? I have some rod holders to mount and can't get to the underside. Well nuts would take up too much space.
  15. Barnacle_Bill

    New to me 9.9 Merc

    I just bought my first 4 stroke outboard. It is a 2000, 9.9 Merc. What oils do you prefer in both motor and lower unit?
  16. Barnacle_Bill

    12/24v system on trolling motor

    Re: 12/24v system on trolling motor You need to make sure your batteries are wired in series then use 1 breaker at the positive terminal.
  17. Barnacle_Bill

    Advance System Care??

    Does anyone use the pro version of this? I use the free version and I guess it helps but was wondering about the pro version since it does a lot more and doesn't cost very much.
  18. Barnacle_Bill

    Can't buy a plain jane cell phone.

    Re: Can't buy a plain jane cell phone. Here you go
  19. Barnacle_Bill

    Framing nailer question

    Will 33? nails work in a 34? nailer? It seems like they would but a little confusing and I hate to buy a whole box just to try them.
  20. Barnacle_Bill

    Trolling Motor Wiring Help

    Re: Trolling Motor Wiring Help You only need one red and one black wire.