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  1. Captain Caveman

    Trailer Jack Upgrade to Air-Filled Tires

    Last month I went searching online for a trailer jack with pneumatic tires. Instead I found the video below showing a relatively quick and easy upgrade to your existing jack: It's worked pretty well. I definitely had to mess around with finding the right combination of spacers, washers, and...
  2. Captain Caveman

    What gives with helping people with a problem ?????????????

    Internet forums are as in life - there are givers and takers.
  3. Captain Caveman

    What trolling motor does my boat need?

    Agreed, I have a much lighter boat (16.5' Alumacraft Navigator) with a 12v 50lb thrust trolling motor. It does everything that I want and can go all day, but in strong winds or in a river it struggles. I think that ChooChooSnakeMan is right. You need a 24v system with something like 75lbs of...
  4. Captain Caveman

    " Prosessing " a donor boat. Best way?

    Wait until kids get in the way of more things! Good luck with this project.
  5. Captain Caveman

    Unknown toggle switch

    You're going to have to follow the wires. If nothing is hooked up, then you know it was an optional switch. If it has wires, tracing is the only option.
  6. Captain Caveman

    Broken Skeg Tip...Repairable?

    I mostly boat on a very rocky lake. A buddy ripped his skeg off multiple times when he brought his boat up for fishing weekends. He had a fixed a couple times and then just lived with it. He said that he didn't notice a difference on his Lund Alaskan with a 70Merc.
  7. Captain Caveman

    Best method to drill out a broken off bolt

    I'd go with the two options above as first and second choice. However, in a pinch I found a dowel of the correct diameter. I then drilled a hole in the center and used that to keep the bit centered.
  8. Captain Caveman

    is this a cooler design or a livewell?

    I'm not sure that anything would stay alive if that was a livewell....maybe a bunch of panfish or a few small walleye. You've got a drain. It would be a lot of plumbing to add a pump, especially for such a small livewell. My livewell just pumps more water every couple minutes to keep the water...
  9. Captain Caveman

    My boat is being a boat . . .

    I guess that proves my statement that I don't know anything about Mercruisers!
  10. Captain Caveman

    My boat is being a boat . . .

    Yeah, I'm old school too. I don't know a thing about Mercruisers. However, if your water pressure is low aren't we talking about the water pump/impeller? Pull the lower unit down and toss in a new one. It's a cheap part and usually not hard even on bigger motors. There could also be some...
  11. Captain Caveman

    Why no kill switch on 1975 15hp Chrysler outboard ?

    Maybe Chrysler figured that they would die on their own, so why bother with a switch? None of my 50s or 60s Johnsons have kill switches. Just throttle it down to nothing.
  12. Captain Caveman

    Ideas on getting lake water temp sensor w/o drilling into hull?

    Well we still don't know why the OP wanted water temp. 1) Having a child around who is willing to jump into the lake is the cheapest/easiest test. The measurement unit is also easily replaceable. :D 2) Next is the thermometer on a string. 3) Cheap sonar is probably the best option. 4) Last in...
  13. Captain Caveman

    Starting Dry

    A moment or two to start it up is fine just for a check. Running it longer than that will cause problems. In my mind, the main problem is not that the motor will overheat. That would take minutes of idling to accomplish. However, the impeller is spinning around dry. I would think that this adds...
  14. Captain Caveman

    Why Oil Injection?

    If I remember correctly, I think that there are a few brands / model years that are notorious for having oil injection issues. On those motors, some folks have gone back to pre-mixing. I don't remember the brands so I won't guess. I still use a 1957 Johnson 3hp and a 1963 Johnson Seahorse 5.5hp...
  15. Captain Caveman

    What type transom straps do you prefer

    I switched to Boat Buckle (see below) retractable straps about five years ago. I haven't had any problems except that the plastic cover on when exploded when I was backing into a partially frozen lake. It still works well three years later. Like anything strap that is wrapped around a bar...
  16. Captain Caveman

    Mouse trap

    Put a cat inside the boat for the winter..... :) Many methods have been tried. Stinky drier sheets work for some people. Moth balls work for others. There are lots of variables so see what works best in your situation. IMO - what works best is putting my boat away late in the season after the...
  17. Captain Caveman

    anyone use fishing line?

    I wasn't one of the nay-sayers but I will caution that the hot glue may do alright if this is a storage cover. If it's for trailering as well, you may want to reinforce it with some stitches. The flapping from highway wind can rip most things apart.
  18. Captain Caveman

    anyone use fishing line?

    Years ago I bought a "heavy duty" thread at Joanne Fabrics. I was using it to stitch together a rip in an old boat cover. I still use it today. Just go into a fabric store and tell them what you need. Those ladies know their stuff.