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    1984 johnson bearing carrier

    What is the quickest tool to use to pull a bearing carrier out of the foot on a 1984 Johnson 90hp..I want to get it out without doing ay damage to the carrier or the propshaft.. Thank you for all your help.
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    90 hp lower unit

    Update on my 1984 johnson 90 hp..A couple of weeks ago, i intalled a new full waterpump kit,a shiftrod housing gasket new driveshaft seals,pretty much everything on the topside.. Well today i finally tested it out and am still getting water in it but not as bad.This time when I opened the drain...
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    shift rod

    Quick question, What is the trick or special tool so you can remove the screw in the shift rod to be able to drop the lower unit.Mine is a 1984 Johnson V-4 and the screw is under the lower carb and its dang near impossible to get to..Its worse putting it back then taking it off..
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    lower unit test

    Quick question.I resealed the top side and waterpump of my 1984 Johnson 90hp.I ran it on the muffs for a while checked my gear oil and it was good no water.So I feel comforatable everythings OK up there.Question is I havent had a chance to get to the lake this weekend like I wanted to what I am...
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    1984 Johnson 90hp reseal update

    Well finally broke down today and put the seal kit in the top half of my LU today and also a new waterpump..I couldnt believe how much sand was in the top half of my LU took me an hour with a screwdriver and a shop vac to get it all out..Put just the handfull of seals and "O" rings it called for...
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    ???On sealers for Johnson

    I just got my lower unit seal kit and new waterpump kit and am getting ready to tear into it this week.Real quick question I cant get ahold of any of the OMC grease or Sealers they call for in the manual.What sealers and grease can I get at my local NAPA that will do the same job well..I just...
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    1984 johnson parts?

    I was getting ready to order my parts for my 1984 Johnson 90 hp to re-seal the gearcase and I was wanting to post a list of the parts ordered to see if there is anything I am forgetting. All part numbers are OMC: - 0329923--Lower Seal -0329922--Upper Seal -0314728--Driveshaft bearing O-ring...
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    Johnson foot

    I was just wondering on a 1984 Johnson 90hp is there a gasket between the foot and the leg of the motor?If so could you get water intrusion in your LU from here? Im still chasing the water intrusion problem on this motor.I changed the "O" rings at the vent and LU fill the new ones didnt fit the...
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    Tailer light help

    I posted a couple of weeks ago about my trailer lights giving me a fit and blowing fuses..Well I have put brand new lights and wire on the trailer have also followed a few of yalls advice to run a ground to each light instead of using the frame ground. Well here comes to the point of my problem...
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    Johnson foot question

    I have a 1984 Johnson 90hp and today I decided to check my foot oil, yup theres the bad news took the drain screw and out came water and then milky oil.I just had the foot totally resealed last year and today didnt notice any oil leaking around the prop.So what I am wondering is there supposed...
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    trailer light problem

    I have a strange trailer light problem and have been beating my head against the wall trying to figure it out. The other night when leaving the lake my lights on my trailer were working fine,I got home and had not lights whatsoever on my trailer.I checked my fuse under the hood and it was...
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    E85 ?

    I was getting gas in my truck this morning and just noticed a new sticker on the pump it said 10% ethanol, this is the station where I usually get fuel in my boat. My mtot is a 1984 Johnson V-4 90hp.. What im wondering is this gas bad for my motor and do I need to find another station, I also...
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    Graph mounting ?

    I just purchased a minn kota 40Ap and was wondering how I can remount the transducer for my front Graph. I had it mounted on my old motorguide by simply putting the transducer on the foot by using one of those mounting kits and just loose wrapping the transducer wire around the shaft all the...
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    Bimini top frame

    I have a quick question.I just found a free Pontoon Bimini top that is in excellent shape.The only problem is it it about 2 feet to wide for my center console.What I am wondering is how to narrow it down and join the tubing back together so the canvas will still fit on it? Thank you in advance.
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    Minn Kota Auto Pilot problems

    I just got ahold of a approx 2001 model Auto PILOT from a friend of mine and everything works on it except it wont spin the prop. He said he thought the pedal was bad on it so we took it apart and found a small burnt spot on the board.I guess what I am asking is if the pedal will turn the motor...
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    1985 Johnson

    I was just wondering.I changed the plugs in my 1985 Johnson V-4 90hp and 1 of the plugs had a yellowish froth on it.The motor is running fine and all cylinders are firing strong. What I was wondering is could it be just unburned oil and gas on that cylinder,because before I changed my plugs...
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    I have a quick stupid question.I have a 1985 90hp johnson with the VRO dissconnected,I am going to change my plugs today and noticed the plug numbers were just a little different.The ones I took out of my motor were Champion L77JC4's and the ones I bought were Champion QL77JC4 are these the...
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    1985 V4 Carb ?

    I have a quick question.Im not very boat motor mechanically inclined. I think its time to have my carbs gone through on my 1985 Johnson V-4 90hp.It loads up a good bit on idle, it doesnt smother itself out or anything it doesnt lean sneeze either. But my question is I talked to a marine...
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    Bottomline Tournament 1101

    I just purchased a brand new Bottomline Tournament 1101 and am already having problems with it.I mounted it to my trolling motor and it worked good for about an hour when I first got it.Now it wont give me a good bottom reading or depth read out. I have it run to the same battery my trolling...
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    I am just wondering if I am the only 1 having a problem with the board kicking straight into posting a new topic?????????