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  1. denny shortt

    1959 Lone Star El Dorado "Project Texas Tornado" - Winner 2016 Resto SOTY Award

    No Title Cars suck! My Suburban Has so many shorts in it, the locks lock and unlock constantly passenger window doesn't work, all kinds of crap like that. I had an idea though. The ribs on the side walls can have a tilt door at the bottom with a piano hinge that would tilt out and would make a...
  2. denny shortt

    love my Duratech S14r

    I have been working on this Baby! She has a 65 Evinrude 33 hp Ski Twin. I have really enjoyed her this summer Plan to do more work this winter
  3. denny shortt

    s14r need seating advise

    Hello folks I have a duratech s14r That I need seating advise on. if you have an s14 or s13 please post some images of the seating. I have the benches and want to add a step through backrest. i would like to see some images of this. It's hard to find much about the interiors. Or anything else...
  4. denny shortt

    What is it?

    Hello Everybody. I hope there is someone here that can help me identify my new Duratech. Here is the information that I have this pic. Thanks for your help