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  1. Crappie Jalopy

    3.0 Mercrusier shorted out ground wire

    I was replacing my (2) batteries and accidently shorted out, melted, the ground wire from the engine block to the rear wall of my engine compartment. It's in a real tight area to replace the wire. Can I install a new ground wire from my engine block in an area that's easier to reach?
  2. Crappie Jalopy

    Pontoon Hardtop

    I want to eliminate the (2) bimini tops on my pontoon and go with a hardtop, (7'-4" x 18'-4"). I have a (23') Tri Toon w/ (2) biminis that zip together. I live in southern Arizona and the hot sun penetrates right through a bimini. I've customized (1) 16' pontoon and (2) (16') hulled boats w/...
  3. Crappie Jalopy

    Hexatoon vs. Pontoon

    I just bought a 95 Ercoa 23' Tri- Hexatoons . Looks space age compared to a round toon. The Hexatoon is (28') dia. Anybody have any experience or reviews of the Hexatoon? The company brochure says it's (30%) larger and with a flat bottom, more buoyancy compared to a (19") dia. round toon...
  4. Crappie Jalopy

    Electric Anchor Winch on Pontoon Boat

    I'm thinking of installing (2), aft & bow. Many to chose from. I like the remote control option. Looking for opinions and experiences. Thank you
  5. Crappie Jalopy

    Replacing Power Steering Pump 3.0 Mercrusier

    I need to replace mine. Doesn't look that complicated. $650.00 and up, for a pump located through a marine parts store. A local boat shop wants $1,200.00, parts and labor. Saw a youtuber bought a pump at a car parts store, $65.00 +/-. He did the install and It worked. His theory is, if it lasts...
  6. Crappie Jalopy

    Vinyl Flooring

    I want to use vinyl flooring on my project pontoon. I have it on my Lund 16' and it's the best! Where is a good place to buy it?
  7. Crappie Jalopy

    1995 Eroca Tri-Toon 23' Flagship

    Good Evening! I've been looking for a project pontoon for awhile. It happened fast today, I bought my project boat. I've never heard of this boat and when I went to look at it I was pleasantly surprised. It was everything I wanted and then some. Can't wait to get started. Any information about...