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    Turning engine off noise

    Hi hoping for some assistance. I have a 2011 Bayliner 175 3.0 TKS Mercruiser and when I turn the engine off it makes like a coughing noise, engine shaking while it turns off. takes about 30 seconds and then no issue. Just wondering why the performance after switching off? Should it not turn off...
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    Best prop for tube / skis - 2011 Bayliner 175 (3.0 Mercruiser TKS)

    Hi all, I currently have a 3 blade 25X21 and it is defintely not that great for towing a heavy load with the bow right out the water. Can you please suggest the best prop for watersports on a 3.0l. I have ordered a 4 blade 19 pitch, hoping this will be good but if there are any other suggestions...
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    Oil Fill - Mercruiser 3.0 TKS

    Hi all, excuse my lack of knowledge on anything semi technical. If i remove the oil fill cap on my Mercruiser 3.0 engine should there by oil sitting in there? The dip stick is showing the correct level of oil however if I look in the oil fill cap section on the top of the engine it looks totally...