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    1979 70 hp choke issues

    I have never taken your exact model engine apart, so I am not familiar with the cowling, cowl support and other things having to do with engine configuration. Sorry.
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    1979 70 hp choke issues

    Clearly the PO was not well versed on the wiring of that motor. Disconnection of the killer wire, and a jumper on the starter solenoid (prop removed for safety) is all that is necessary to start the engine. On those MerControllers, the ign switch is soldered to the wiring harness. I would...
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    1979 70 hp choke issues

    When you say "kill switch at the switchbox", do you mean the mercury switch that kills the ign when the motor is tilted?
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    Ignition wire gauge?

    What was the original gauge? All the wires in the loom (harness) were the same, except for the battery cables. Check the ign wire at the quick disconnect plug. It should be the center one. They break there often. I was able to repair my ign wire at that point with some drilling to expose...
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    1979 70 hp choke issues

    A 1979 Merc should have one coil per cylinder. That will mean it has ADI ignition, which will generate spark w/o battery power. You would need to disconnect the black/yellow wire at the switchbox, as the ign key grounds that wire to kill the spark. Connect the battery to the battery cables...
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    WOT Question

    Your prop likely has too much pitch. You probably want a prop or 12P or so, but try consulting a dealer or prop selector. Unless the 'toons have some sort of rough coating like barnacles on them, I doubt speed with change much. 22MPH is pretty standard for 'toons.
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    hard start after motor tilt

    You do reprime the carbs after tilt down, right? Alot of carbs leak when tilted up.
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    What To Get?

    Well, 3 miles here in NJ is the limit that you can legally fish for Striped Bass. 3.1 miles and the Feds could get you. All kidding aside, if you are simply going for a ride, 3 miles is plenty far out. If it gets ugly, you can get back to shore is 10 minutes or so. If you want to fish at a...
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    What To Get?

    Lake, river and ocean implies that you will trailer the boat? If so, a 25 footer will be a drag to trailer each day. I would think a 21 foot deck boat or dual console, with outboard power, would be a good choice. It will go most anywhere on the lake, will have no issue on the river, and...
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    1997 Mercury 2 stroke 200 gets up to WOT then loses RPM's

    Check/rebuild your fuel pump. If the diaphragm leaks, raw fuel gets into the crankcase and causes fouling of the cylinders. On a good motor the fouling will clear up and the motor will run well at high speed.
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    1996 Mercury 115 steering cable stuck

    If you remove the transom clamps, can you put a pipe wrench on the ends of the tilt tube? If you find a way to secure the engine (lay it on the ground?) you can hammer on the pipe wrench. Have you tried heating the triple clamp, spraying it with penetrating oil, and letting it cool? That...
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    Purple instrument wire no power

    The purple wire is usually powered when the ign switch is turned on. It is used to run the gauges and their lights, as well as power the ign if necessary.
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    Outboard mounting bolts

    That is the purpose of the slots in the lower part of the transom clamp. However, you still need to make sure the bolts are sealed to the transom. I would therefore recommend you loosen the nuts on the bottom bolts and remove the upper bolts. As you lift the engine, put some silicone on any...
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    Outdrive Paint & Prep

    If it were me, I would find some aftermarket paint that matches the V-P color, and a can of Zinc Chromate primer and sand, prime and paint outdrive at the beginning of the season. V-P, Merc and the others charge way too much for "factory" paint. Since he trailers the boat, he can repaint the...
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    What type of gas tank for '79 Johnson 35hp?

    Gee, I have a Moeller plastic 6 gal fuel tank I bought in 1985 or so. I left it in the weather for decades. It is a bit discolored but works fine. It doesn't leak, which is rare for those cheapos. I thought about spray painting it red again, as it is kinda blotchy.
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    Gas electric generator issues

    It is best to store the carb dry and the fuel tank empty, with an oz of 2 cycle oil swished around in it, if you are not planning to use it in the near future. Leaving fuel in the tank causes it to spoil. Leaving fuel in the carb causes varnish, corrosion or both. You will want your...
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    What type of gas tank for '79 Johnson 35hp?

    That tank looks to be from the 60's or early 70's. Make sure it is clean and has no rust. Usually the oil mixed into the gasoline keeps the rust inside under control, but it is worth a peak.
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    What type of gas tank for '79 Johnson 35hp?

    The pressure tanks for Johnnyrude went obsolete in the fifties. Any regular outboard tank with a J/E fuel line connector will work for you. A 6 gal tank allows you to mix 1 pint of oil with the 6 gal of gasoline for a 50::1 mix.
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    Any tips to release fuel tank stuck by floatation foam

    How about running a wire under the tank to "saw" between foam and tank. Be careful not to damage tank.
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    1996 Mercury 115 steering cable stuck

    It may be too late now, as usually after hammering the ends flare out making removal real hard. A good way to loosen it is with a pipe wrench and penetrating oil. Rock the stuck cable end front to back with the pipe wrench, while spraying it with the penetrating oil. If she moves at all...