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    online shopping

    People think they have gold! But there is a really good side to FB market place. Hot water heater sprung a leak, replaced it Sunday. Put an add up for free water heater for scrap. Guys were all over it. Did same with a dryer not long ago. Stuff never last more than a day. No fuss no muss.

    Pet surgery cost😮

    So talking to several pet insurance companies. Since my dog has no insurance now, even if I buy a policy now and in the future he tears his other CCL on his other knee it won’t be covered. Its called a bilateral exclusion. All pet insurance companies have this. Really sucks!

    Pet surgery cost😮

    Thanks. Pets best is who progressive goes through. I’m a Costco member I’m going to check it

    Pet surgery cost😮

    Thanks. If you don’t mind me asking who are you using for insurance? I’ve looked at several companies and so far progressive seems to be a solid option . Of course it won’t help with this issue. Surgeon says about 70% of dogs that get this injury do the same thing to the other leg within a few...

    Pet surgery cost😮

    My 5 year old lab Tucker ruptured his CCL, equivalent to human ACL. He is in a lot of pain, walking is strain for him. Goes in for surgery this coming Wednesday. I always said I’d put a dog down before I paid a ton of money on a surgery. Easier said than done. Not only paying for surgery $$$$...

    Best hitch protector?

    Expedia would be losing his mind! After an early morning on the lake I pulled out and spotted this SUV among the trailers in the lot. No one around. I loaded my gear and messed around for about 20 minutes. Nope nobody that belonged to that suv. Guy must have left it open or hit the open button...

    Wealth preservation,....

    If it really hits the fan in a big way. There’s no telling what’s going to happen as far as trading and bartering. Total unknown.

    Wealth preservation,....

    It’s all a crap shoot, but getting that money out of a savings account that pays 1.5 interest was wise. Annuities are out there paying around 5.5

    daily music fix

    My favorite Waylon song.

    2024 NFL/CFB News and Nonsense

    Schedules are out. Looks like the Eagles have two games that are on pay channels and one game listed as to be determined. Don’t know about anyone else, but I refuse to pay it. I pay enough for TV. Plenty of other games to watch. I don’t quite get why we are playing a game in Brazil?

    Anybody have "old" pontoons?

    The price of brand new boats is like everything else, a bit out of hand. Bass boats pushing $100,000

    Best hitch protector?

    The whole thing is a slippery slope. I’ve had my permit for 30 years and never had a reason to exercise the reason for it. It’s a HUGE responsibility. It would have to be a matter of life or death for me to brandish a weapon. Guy breaking into my car, or running out the door with my TV, etc. not...

    Best hitch protector?

    Absolutely. It covers your legal cost if you’re in a situation where you had to use your CCW. Very, very high probability you’re gonna need it.

    Best hitch protector?

    Good chance you’d be in trouble here in the states as well. At the very least it will cost you dearly in legal fees and settlements. There is a reason that self protection insurance is a thing these days. I could say more but don’t want the thread shut down.

    Went electric

    I’m thinking less than 10 will be sold. Would have liked to see the actual launching and loading of it.

    Nobody fishing?

    Finally got out for some bass. Managed quite a few. Two of the better ones.


    I know a couple guys that sent in money when those Meater Bluetooth units first came on the scene. They either received only partially what they ordered or nothing at all. What they did get had no range at all. Apparently they have overcome those difficulties.