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    Lehr Propane Outboard Engines

    And when you run out of 1 lb. bottles, you can take your gas grill tank and run the motor a long time with an optional hose. Better yet, run it on the big gas bottles and keep a couple of 1 lb. bottles for a reserve. I saw your engines on Ship Shape TV, and they look to be very high quality...
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    U.S. Gov't requires PWC operators to use wetsuits

    My 2010 Waverunner came with stickers saying: "Wear protective clothing. Severe internal injuries can occur if water is forced into body cavities as a result of falling into the water or being near the jet thrust nozzle. Normal swimwear does not adequately protect against forceful water entry...
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    A most relaxing afternoon

    I spent the afternoon in a reclining lawn chair with a Playmate cooler beside me. The continuous drone of a few dozen SeaDoos and Waverunners was very good for the nerves--and a first rate nap. The only other time that's so relaxing is a Sunday afternoon when a pack of NASCAR Sprint Cup cars...