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  1. iwombat

    1964 v4 lower unit pieces

    Been away a long time - mostly working on motorcycles. Anyway, I got handed a 1964 v4 lower unit by a friend and I need a fair chunk of the internals to get it going (main shaft, drive shaft, etc). Anyone sitting on a junk one they're willing to part out? I have brand new drive gears, and...
  2. iwombat

    '77 85hp vernatherm valve

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've been on. Been slaying some other dragons for awhile. On to the juicy bits ... '85 HP overheat problem. Traced it down to a bad vernatherm. Looking at the plastic disk that sits on top of the spring and is pushed by the vernatherm (part #0308070) There's either...
  3. iwombat

    Odd behavior - '86 8hp

    I seem to have what's best described as a "flat spot" on my 8hp kicker. I can't for the life of me figure out what the deal is. Symptoms: at a certain point - roughly 1/2 throttle the motor will eventually start to run rough and then quit over the course of about 3 or 4 minutes. It doesn't...
  4. iwombat

    4hp charging kit

    I just purchased a used 2003 4hp 4-stroke yamaha. Seems like a nice little motor, and I have a factory manual on the way. This particular model does not seem to have output for trickle-charging a battery. Is there an optional kit for this model? Not a necessity, but a nice to have. thanks
  5. iwombat

    '77 V4 impeller housing o-ring - word of warning

    So, time to replace the impeller on the '77. I'd gotten the new water pump kit last time, with the new upgraded housing and stainless cup. Turns out the o-ring for this upgraded water pump kit is NOT a standard part number for any year, and only comes in the upgrade kit. Nice. Fortunately, the...
  6. iwombat

    Tap for zerk fitting

    Anyone know what size tap I need for the zerks commonly used on 70s era johnyrudes? They appear to be NPT, but not sure what size.
  7. iwombat

    Seized steering tube - adding a zirc

    (late) spring prep after a long sit over the winter. . . 1977 85hp. My second seized steering tube in as many years. Had to cut the steering cable to remove the motor and soak in PB blaster. It's out now. Seems like no matter how much I apply lube to the shaft, unless I completely remove the...
  8. iwombat

    When hobbies meet

    Well, there I was making a top for a beehive last night. Normally, I cover the top with aluminum or copper sheet and fold it over the sides. I didn't have any left. So, I started looking around . . . To make a long story short, I now have a fiberglassed hive cover. Turned out to be way easier...
  9. iwombat

    Mud Dauber in action

    It's only kinda outboard related, but a friend of mine managed to shoot some pictures of a mud dauber in action. This is what clogs up those tell-tale tubes.
  10. iwombat

    An interesting malfunction on '84 115.

    Was out on a friend's boat Saturday when it lost power and started running on two. Dropped anchor and started messing around . . . Determined it wasn't running on the top two, but it seemed to have hot-enough spark. (no proper spark tester) Eventually, we tried pumping the bulb though and if...
  11. iwombat

    Flywheel question for the experts

    '77 85hp just for reference. Back from a trip to the San Juan Islands for all of last week. The last day (better than the first day) I had a timer base malfunction (determined after proper testing) w/ a NOS timer base and lost the left bank. Now, this is the second timer base I've had problems...
  12. iwombat

    '77 85hp impeller plate

    Went and got a new plate and cup after the old ones failed inspection. The new lower plate (superseded number) does not have a knock-out to open up the chamber below the second water tube. For the moment, I just drilled a hole there big enough to do the job, but was wondering if there was some...
  13. iwombat

    Cavitation and overheat.

    Motor: '77 85hp So, I put my motor up one more peg and got some cavitation at WOT, holeshot and in the turns. Definitely one hole too high. Running at not-quite wot I overheated (overheat horn sounded). After letting it cool down I ran back to the launch at 1/2 throttle with no more issues, but...
  14. iwombat

    Transom plywood

    I know this has been discussed a bazillion times, but here goes again. I found some rot in the transom on my tinny ('77 Starcraft SS). I was hoping to make the transom replacement next winter's project, but I don't want to take the boat out in the chuck with the upper port corner of the transom...
  15. iwombat

    Double-checking ignition tests - 77 85hp

    Well I had no/weak intermittent spark on #3. This motor has the single power-pack. Took out all the plugs and performed the following tests. 1)swapped wires from power pack to coil between #3 and #1. #1 Didn't fire and #3 did. Problem doesn't appear in the coil. Put the wires back to normal...
  16. iwombat

    Two wire T&T w/ three wire relay box

    I've got a two-wire T&T on a parts motor that's simply in better condition than the 3-wire. I don't have the relay box that goes with it though. Is there a simple way to make the 3-wire box work with it?
  17. iwombat

    Curiousity an' all that

    Snooping through parts listings I came across an entry for a '91 Evinrude Quiet Runner. Looks like the cowl had a big air duct coming out the starboard side among other intriguing differences. Anyone know more about this odd duck?
  18. iwombat

    Steering arm assembly.

    In the process of going through and cleaning up all the pieces on my 1980 V4 I took the nut off the steering arm assembly so I cold remove, de-scale and re-paint. Well - oops! The nut came off with all the threads still attached. It's also seized into the lower mount bracket. I've got it...
  19. iwombat

    Questions on bubble-back conversion

    Well, I had decided against it, but damned if I didn't find a bubble-back at a swap-meet for $15 including the filler blocks. So . . . a couple questions. 1) I've been reading where the filler blocks don't make that much difference. Should I bother with them or no? If I do, I can't find the...
  20. iwombat

    1980 115 Tilt and Trim

    So, the powerhead is now pretty much complete once I get the right air jets in place. Now, I'm off to tackle the midsection. The wiring to the T&T is, well, suspect at best. I haven't taken the unit off yet, but I'm just going to go out on a limb here and assume that lamp cord isn't OEM. Can I...