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    Older motor

    Racerone got my old geezer brain churning and here's what fell out of the empty space between my ears. Agree, it does appear to have the standard shift gearcase for what I believe is a 1960 model Starflite based on the motor cover decal. Good luck!
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    Older motor

    Battery, coil & points ignition system. Electric shift gearcase which I really liked on my 1962 model Johnson. Forum member racerone can help you with questions about how to maintain it. Two-barrel downdraft carb that requires a factory tool (which I have) for properly centering the two...
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    1963 Montgomery Ward Sea King / Starcraft Starchief

    Big ATTABOY for a job well done! Some good looking helpers you have there. Looks like a lot of QFT going on in MN. Every recreational boater should have a ToP once in their life. Thanks for all your documentation of the project. Good luck!
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    Old Firestone Motor

    Welcome to the form. The members here are great and should be able to help you with that old beauty. Good luck!
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    Surging Johnson 6 hp.

    It is usually the simple stuff! Glad to hear you whipped it.
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    1958 seahorse 10 running hot

    Welcome to the forum. The members here are great and should be able to help you save that old beauty. Good luck!
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    '69 johnson hydro electric shift V4

    Forum guru Joe Reeves told me that OMC changed wire suppliers in 1968 and had a huge problem in the years following. I do not know when that issue was corrected and if it was only for USA-built motors. Wanted to share that info with you and wish you good luck with your project.
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    1992 Bass Tracker

    Welcome to the forum. The members here are great and can help you with most any issue you find. If you have not already do so, thank Grandpa for buying an aluminum boat. It is a much better stating point than FG. Good luck!
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    Please somebody indentify my boat

    Great looking hull and you appear to be doing a high-quality restoration. The link below will get you to some history, pix & data on MFG boats. Good luck!
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    Excessive smoking

    When F_R posts in a thread, I pay attention. Good luck with that great old motor!
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    16ft Glasspar w/65hp 2 stroke

    Wow, sorry to see that damage but be thankful that neither you nor any others got hurt. Come back and let us know how you plan to proceed. The members here are great and can answer all of your questions. Good luck!
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    Unknown toggle switch

    They are still in business so maybe a telephone call to Customer Service might get you the answer. Good luck!
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    Broken low speed needle

    In total agreement. My 1973 is a jewel as was my bud's who needed some help with routine service on his.