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  1. rockb

    1985 28 Chris Craft Catalina performance

    I am considering an 85 28 Catalina with twin 230 mercrusers. Does anyone here have performance numbers with that setup?
  2. rockb

    2009 Merc Scorpion 350 Water pump not pumping

    2009 Mercury Scorpion 350 Water pump not pumping. To run on the trailer I remove the top of the strainer and put the hose in the top. Normally I just leave the through hull open and let the extra water flow out the bottom. I have never had a problem with this in the past. I just changed the...
  3. rockb

    Smartcraft Guage Question

    I have a 2009 Scorpion 350. I currently have a single Smartcraft SC 1000 Guage: I have heard that you can get one of the speed gauges and connect NMEA183 from your GPS to have it display on the gauge. My question is will the system then take that speed input and display MPG instead of or in...
  4. rockb

    How to remove the belt

    I just picked up a shamrock with a 2009 Mercruser Black Scorpion 350. Figured I'd change the impeller just to be sure. Darn it is tight in there. I have to remove the fuel pump and filter to get to the water pump. But I can't seem to find any way to loosen the belt to get it off.
  5. rockb

    Considering a 1993 Sea Pro 18

    Considering a 1993 Sea Pro 18 with an I/O Are there any issues that are specifically common in this make and vintage?
  6. rockb

    Piling Repair

    I have seen a product couple places that is used to repair pilings. Basically you slip a plastic form around a piling that has been eaten or worn away and it creates a pocket of about 2" around the piling into which you pour dry concrete mix. The concrete mix hardens and your done. The...
  7. rockb

    '80 Merc 9.8 Carb leaking fuel

    I've got a 9.8 that is leaking fuel pretty steady. I've been to several sites looking for the gaskets etc for the carb bowl but none of them have a part number for those pieces. What I am looking for is parts 10 & 12 here Mercury & Mercruiser Parts, CARBURETOR ASSEMBLY (MERC 9.8)(TILLOTSON...
  8. rockb

    80-81 Merc 9.8 Long shaft hard to get into forward

    Just picked up an 80-81 Merc 9.8. It will go into reverse without any problems. If I pull forward on the shift lever pretty hard it will engage the prop in forward but I have to hold pressure on the lever or it will slip out. I figured there would be some kind of linkage that could be...
  9. rockb

    18' Chieften What's it worth

    I have a 76 Chieften with an 86 Suzuki DT115 and have decided to let her go and get a pontoon boat. The SC just doesn't fit the family that well. I know its actual value is the point where what I will take meets what someone else is willing to pay but I need somewhere to start. It has a new...
  10. rockb

    1976 18' Chieftain 1986 Suzuki DT115 Performance Numbers

    Finally got back on the water again today and took some performance numbers. Boat ran great for the first 21 miles then mechanical issues killed the rest of the day. Luckily I was only a half mile from the ramp. Total trip was 21.5 miles and I burned 5.5 Gallons of ethanol free fuel. Most of...
  11. rockb

    86 DT-115 How many poles

    Got a tach for the 86' DT-115. Can anyone confirm that the correct setting is 6 pole or provide the correct setting?
  12. rockb

    Starcraft Nameplate

    Can someone point me to the member who was making the Starcraft Nameplates?
  13. rockb

    86 DT 115 oil/temp gauge

    I have an 86 DT115. Oil and Temp gauge was working fine. Took it out to replace the console. Plugged it back in and now nothing. There is a 5 pin plug and two separate wires. The plug is a no brainer. The two wires coming from the engine are red and Pink/Red. The wires on the gauge are...
  14. rockb

    86 DT115 12 Pole?

    I need a tach for an 86 DT115. Is that a 12 Pole?
  15. rockb

    Starcraft Back In Action

    Hopefully the pics wont make you folks in the northern latitudes too upset but took the Starcraft out today for the first real trip. The spanish were supposed to be running but the sargassum weed was too thick in the pass to do any good. It kept fouling the lines but it was nice to see the...
  16. rockb

    Lets Talk Tops

    Took a look at the 15 pages of show your Starcraft and it looks like everyone who has a top on theirs has a bimini. I've never been really fond of bimini tops and am looking for some options. Does anyone have anything other than a bimini? Got some pictures you could share?
  17. rockb

    86 DT 115 Fuel Leak

    Got a Fuel Leak on a 86 DT 115 on the bottom Carb. Anyone know what the most likely cause is? Link to video below.
  18. rockb

    Filling holes below the water line

    I have a bunch of small holes below the waterline. They are from transducers, speed sensors.... I realize that the best way to repair is to weld them but short of that what is the best accepted way? Will some 5200 around the hole then a rivet seal it up sufficiently? I was thinking about a...
  19. rockb

    Another Fuel Tank Question

    I am in the process of working on a 1976 18 Chiefton. I say working on because what I am doing in no way constitutes restoration after some of the projects I have seen here. The fuel tank was shot so I need a new one. I am trying to decide what size. She is wearing a 115 suzuki 2 stroke...
  20. rockb

    Running Two Stroke in tank

    I am working on a 1986 (I think) 115 Suzuki. I bought a 55 gallon plastic drum and cut the top off of it to make a tank to lower the engine into to run it. Mainly for noise reduction. I noticed that after a while there is what appears to be a little oil floating on the top of the water. Is...