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    1975 Landau 16 Jon Boat question

    Have a stripped 16 Jon . What floor did this vessel have in it from the factory? Any info would help. Thx and be safe on the water. Sorry it's a deck. thx
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    G3 Pontoons interested in your opinion.

    G3 and Anglers Quest and Avalon and Silver Wave all make CC pontoons.
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    G3 Pontoons interested in your opinion.

    Trying to find a new Center Console pontoon boat in the 21-24 foot size. Anyone have experience with G3 boats? regards, Papp24.
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    Looking for center console 21-23 foot pontoon boat

    Looked at Bennington and Anglers Quest so far. Searching for other CC pontoon makers. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Mercury 25EL cooling issue

    Thank You.
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    Mercury 25EL cooling issue

    1999 2 stroke. No tell tale , lower leg lines clear, new impeller kit correctly installed. When on muffs and running water comes out from under power head. Removed powerhead and see no signs of gasket failure. Thermostat working fine. Very little carbon build up. When I first removed prop there...
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    1973 Evinrude 115 HP lower unit compatibility question

    Howdy all, I have a 1973 115 hp Evinrude with a toasted lower unit. Will a lower from a 1978 85 hp fit? Thanks for any info. Better days are coming. Thanks
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    Need prop ID help

    I have a stack of older props of various sizes. Have some that I can not find which motor these fit. Example OMC 382702. Is there a reference to pair up these odd props with the proper motor/outdrive? Thanks and be safe on the water.
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    RV cover for large pontoon?

    I have a 32 foot Sun Tracker and am considering a large RV cover to use this winter as outside storage. Any experience with this idea? Have been shrink wrapping Her the last few years. Thanks
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    2014 Suzuki 60AV prop selection

    I have a Suzuki 60 AV on a 18 foot StarCraft Fishing pontoon. WOT is 4900 RPM. 3 people and regular gear at 4450 RPM is 13.5 MPH trimmed. This is my top speed. Currently running a 3 blade 14 X 9 dealer installed. Drove a buddies pontoon this weekend ,same size vessel, He had a 40 hp two...
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    New pontoon seats whats the best protection from sun/weather

    Looking for some direction for keeping my new pontoon furniture in good repair. Can anyone recommend a finish or procedure? Thanks
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    Lower Unit compatibilty need help

    I have a 1979 Evinrude 150 model 150949C trying to find out what other OMC outboards this lower unit will fit. Thanks Pappy24
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    Best replacement furniture for a pontoon boat

    Howdy all, Looking for a good brand name in pontoon replacement furniture. I see some have a 3 year and others have a 5 year warranty on coverings. I m looking for opinions on which brand to purchase, Thanks.
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    32 Party Barge interior rehab questions

    Howdy, Working on cabinets in 2004 32 Party Barge , need contacts for 90 degree brackets for cabinets also ideas where to find paneling to match what I have. Thanks and boat safe.
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    Party Barge 32 Exterior wall replacement questions

    Exterior walls are toast on my 32 Tracker Marine. 2004 model. I have to replace the exterior panels and would sure appreciate direction on where to purchase the wall panels. Open to other materials as long as they are weatherproof and lightweight Any other mariner experience with this restore...
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    Mid 1990's 40 hp Mercury 4 cylinder trim motor problem

    Power to the trim motor, wires shot trim motor seems to be set up. Can I repair in the boat or should I take it off? Best way to repair ? . Thanks to our brave Service folks....
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    Best rod for New Englang bottom fishing??

    Using 16-20 ounce jigs for Haddock/Pollock/Cod. 150-240 feet of water. Best rod In you opinion? Have a Penn 113H, Thx.
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    Need some seasoned Boaters advice

    Howdy, Not sure how to proceed, Don't know if I have a gem or a non gem. Just got a 1977 StarCraft Holiday 15, quite salvageable, I've too many boat projects in the works. Is it worth much to sell of should I scrap her?? Freshwater boat, clean hull, nice windshield. Would sure appreciate some...
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    Can't figure out wich year/ model I own.

    Howdy, I have a OMC Sterndrive 120 Model # 980701 serial number W56496. It was in a 1976 Rinker. Can anyone direct Me to know the year and which model (400 or 800) it is? Much appreciated . Pappy24.
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    Solar battery charger info please

    Need to keep a 12volt deep cycle battery charged on the boat. Used for VHF radio/stereo/cabin lighting. Confused on what size solar charger and do I need a controller? Thanks for any insight and boat safe. Thanks