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    4.3 Vortec Harmonic Balancers...

    The harmonic balancer is neutral balanced and can be changed with no consequences.
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    Buying an '03 Sea Ray Sundeck 220

    If it pushed out a casting plug then I think it probable that the intake and exhaust manifolds are cracked, at the least. Most likely the heads and block suffered damage as well. Any idea how long the water has been in the oil? I think you will find it likely will have decent oil pressure, that...
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    Alarm capacitor 4.3L

    Thanks, that was my line of thought but wanted a second opinion.
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    Alarm capacitor 4.3L

    I did some digging online and found a OEM part number of 86045 for a timer delay relay. I don’t see this in my wiring by my horn, I don’t think it was ever wired in? While digging I found a photo of the OEM delay relay with Sylvania TR2032 stamped on it. Per a post on another website this...
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    Alarm capacitor 4.3L

    Is there supposed to a capacitor for the alarm when the key is turned on, and engine isn’t running? I understand why the alarm is going off - no oil pressure when it’s not running. As soon as the engine starts the alarm turns off. Is there a capacitor that is supposed to silence the alarm for...
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    Exhaust Manifold Question

    I put a set of Barr on my engine, no complaints. The kit came with bolts and gaskets.
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    Belts for 4.3 V6

    Couldn’t you look up the OEM belt part number off the serial number and then cross reference that over to a standard automotive belt?
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    Dieseling 3.0

    I’m not sure a spray in cleaner will help. Might want to try using gas with a higher octane rating.
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    Dog Boarding From Water Options

    Thanks, I haven’t seen that before. Maybe a little too bulky on the bowrider but looks like it works good.
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    Dog Boarding From Water Options

    I have a 50lb Labrador and I’m looking at easier ways to get her onto the boat from the water. If she’s wearing a life jacket I can grab the handle. I can pull her up but the rest of the family struggles. I can across the Pup Plank and it looks like it would work, just seeing what everyone else...
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    Alpha One Gen 2 - Trim will only go a few inches down

    The OEM caps came will all seals installed and the new o-ring for the cap itself. I think they were around $100 each. No need to change out anything else. Be careful with the disassembly and don’t loose the check balls.
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    Alpha One Gen 2 - Trim will only go a few inches down

    I bought new end caps and they had the seals in there and came with the o-ring for the cap. I bought OEM.
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    Height of SeaRay 185 Sport on trailer

    Might have better luck on the Club Searay forum.
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    Popped through the intake.

    Sounds like what I used to call a lean sneeze. If the timing is correct you need to go over the carburetor again. When you say carburetor was rebuilt - did you you strip it down completely and verify all passages are clean? Is the float height correct? If your confident the above is correct may...
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    2002 4.3L mercruiser

    I have a 2005 4.3 with TKS for what it’s worth.
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    Snap in flooring material

    Good to know - we do bring our relatively small Labrador out occasionally. Also have been known to enjoy a strawberry or two at times. Maybe I’ll end up with snap in carpet on this one again.
  17. J

    Snap in flooring material

    Thanks for the photos. Any idea what the backer material is?
  18. J

    Snap in flooring material

    I’m looking to replace the original snap in flooring on my bowrider. Currently the snap flooring is a woven carpet that’s getting crispy due to age. I have thought about making it out of the woven vinyl flooring, woven carpet again, and lastly a thin style Seadek type flooring if that’s even a...
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    Engine was Full of Clear Fluid when I drained oil

    Over the years I’ve bought a few boats with 3.0L‘s that I knew were cracked externally on the block, just under the manifold. I fixed them with JB Weld after grinding out a “V” in the crack and drilling out both ends so it wouldn’t run any farther. They ran fine for years with no internal...
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    Stalling and Starting problems

    Looking at your carburetor the finish and screws makes me think it could be an aftermarket unit and not OEM.